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St.Amant Foundation is a registered charity that raises money to support services operated through St.Amant. Although St.Amant is a government-funded agency, many critical areas are not funded.

Some areas include:

  • social and recreational activities that widen social networks, eliminate isolation and loneliness, improve self-esteem and encourage confidence
  • assistive technology and adaptive devices that enable people to increase their independence and participation in life
  • quality living environments that are accessible, welcoming places to live in

Since it began operating in 1989, the Foundation has contributed millions of dollars towards client services, research, renovations and programming.

The Foundation is vital to the future of St.Amant, and essential to the delivery of quality service to Manitobans with developmental disabilities.


Island Lakes Community School students, Maddie, Ashton and Emily got to visit the St.Amant Autism classroom held at Minnetonka School and how their fundraising efforts makes a positive impact on these and future students! They raised nearly $600 through a cake auction at Island Lakes Community School to purchase 2 bikes and an iPad in honour of Light It Up Blue […]


The St.Amant Foundation has partnered with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to help with volunteer opportunities for the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015! We are recruiting 20-30 volunteers to act as ushers for the afternoon and evening games – a minimum of 15 volunteers must be able to do both games. A tent for volunteers will be available with food […]


As a person whose family is affected by autism and after touring St.Amant, Brian Eckhardt was taken with the mission and the great work happening in the programs this organization offers. In addition to his philanthropic nature, Brian has a passion for research and for art. “My family loves art, my kids all participated in many of the Winnipeg Art […]


As CEO of Bockstael Construction Ltd., a family business that’s over 100 years old, John knows how important long-term relationships are to a business’ future success. He views philanthropic relationships in the same way. That’s why he and his wife Monique have been monthly donors with the St.Amant Foundation for over 10 years. “When you see an organization like St.Amant, […]