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About Us

St.Amant Association

The St.Amant Association is an effective working group that supports and strengthens the decision-making process within St.Amant. We have effective and open communication with St.Amant and fully support their efforts to maintan a high quality standard of health and well-being for the children and adults they support.

St.Amant supports more than 156 individuals at River Road Place and 219 people in the community, and is a leader in education and outreach programs for people with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries.

We take an active role in progressing all areas at St.Amant and work to ensure all Manitobans are heard from when it comes to their emotional, physical, educational, medical and social needs.

We encourage you to become members of the St.Amant Association and participate in our meetings!

Contact Us: plit@drytel.net

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