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About Us


The St.Amant Family Association has an effective working group with which we support and strengthen the decision making process within St.Amant and meet on a regular basis in order to maintain a high quality of st andard for the health and well being of our family members at River Road Place, and in the community homes.

We want to ensure that Manitobans with developmental disabilities, who cannot verbally communicate their needs with others, are heard from when it comes to their emotional, physical, educational, medical and social needs. We offer our resources and insight as to the detailed workings of St.Amant. We have, in the past, spent time clarifying misconceptions and answering questions for families and the community. We have a strong working group, which responds to the issues and needs of all individuals and families who rely on St.Amant.

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We meet every second Monday of the month (except for statutory holidays) from September to June, at River Road Place. Currently, the annual membership dues are $10 per family.

The Family Association frequently has guest presenters from St.Amant staff to communicate and discuss particulars within their responsible areas.

We also have presentations provided by government departments and external service providers to review the ever-changing needs of people with developmental disabilities and their rights as individuals.

We encourage you to join us!

For more information about the St.Amant Family Association, do not hesitate to contact one of the executive below, or St.Amant at 256-4301. Membership applications are available through the main reception desk.

Doreen Draffin, Co-Chair: 204-334-1396
Jerry Plitnikas, Co-Chair & Communications: 204-797-6850