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About Us

The Board

The St.Amant Board of Directors oversees operations, management, and other activities.

St.Amant 2019-20 Board of Directors

  • Francine Deroche, Chair
  • Ken Kustra, Vice-Chair
  • Maria Arentsen
  • Wayne Anderson
  • Brita Chell
  • Brian Eckhardt
  • Denise Koss
  • Ann Lowe
  • Craig Murray
  • David Scott

(left to right)  Francine Deroche, Denise Koss, Craig Murray, David Scott, Wayne Anderson, Maria Arentsen, Ken Kustra, Shirley Labossiere, Ann Lowe, Brian Eckhardt

Missing: Brita Chell

St.Amant Foundation 2019-20 Board of Directors

  • Ken Kustra, Chair
  • David Scott, Vice-Chair
  • Francine Deroche
  • Brian Eckhardt
  • David Gurvey
  • Craig Murray
  • Laural Porth-Jones

(left to right)  Craig Murray, David Scott, Francine Deroche, Shirley Labossiere, David Gurvey, Ken Kustra, Laural Porth-Jones, Brian Eckhardt