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Alec’s Story: Specialized Footwear makes a World of Difference

Alec’s Story: Specialized Footwear makes a World of Difference

August 26, 2020

Alec has never liked to wear shoes. It doesn’t matter how harsh the weather or how rough the terrain, his refusal to wear shoes has been unrelenting. His mother, Rhonda recalls many battles over footwear. “Several shoes have been thrown out the windows of moving vehicles over the years. He just hates shoes.”

Alec’s Story: Specialized Footwear makes a World of Difference

This aversion to footwear has placed limits on the places Alec can go. We are all familiar with “No shirt, no shoes, no service”. It has also been a source of worry for his family, particularly during the winter months and the long highway drives between his parents’ homes. 

This spring it became even more of a concern. Alec has a rare medical condition that has required four surgeries to straighten his legs in the last few years. After his last surgery in January, he developed something called drop foot. When a person has drop foot, the front of the foot can drag on the ground when walking. This caused Alec to turn his foot out in an unnatural way to compensate, and has also led to many trips and falls.

This unusual gait also increases pressure on joints and can have long term health consequences. Macara, St.Amant Physiotherapist, was worried about this potential for future negative effects as well as the immediate safety issues for both him and his care providers. At 17, Alec towers over his mother and outweighs her by dozens of pounds making it difficult and dangerous for her to physically support him, or to attempt to break his falls.

Macara recommended special footwear for Alec, and after much trial and error, a suitable pair of shoes was found but the cost was steep. Because of your generosity, Alec was able to receive a pair of shoes that fits him perfectly. Even more amazing, he likes them! Alec and his mother are so thankful!

Rhonda says: “I never thought I would see that day that he would actually ask to wear shoes!” Alec’s lack of footwear is no longer a barrier for him. He and his mom are safer and he is able to walk without the risk of hazardous falls or future health concerns. THANK YOU for making this possible!