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Bobbilyn’s Story: In Need of a Life-Changing Device

Bobbilyn’s Story: In Need of a Life-Changing Device

Fixed incomes and the absence of extended health benefits mean critical tools are often financially out of reach for the people we support. Without your help, many people with disabilities will not have access to basic personal health items and medical equipment, and needs like hearing aids and mobility devices will go unmet.

Your gift today will fund a life-changing device for someone supported by St.Amant! As a life-long diabetic, Bobbilyn experiences frequent episodes of low blood sugar that make her feel sick, tired and unwell. Her doctor has recommended a continuous glucose monitor so that she, and her support team, can better track and manage her blood sugar levels.

Managing diabetes without the right tools can be life-threatening.

Bobbilyn was diagnosed with type one diabetes when she was 12. Since then, she has endured tens of thousands of finger pokes and countless insulin injections. She must be vigilant about her diet, exercise and blood sugar levels. Managing her health is a delicate balance that relies on sound information. This knowledge makes the difference between living a vibrant life and feeling sick and sluggish.

Using a continuous glucose monitor will reduce the number of painful finger pricks she has to undergo and will keep a record of her blood sugar trends. This will help predict and avoid debilitating lows before they occur. If not treated appropriately, blood sugar lows can lead to diabetic coma or death.

While the monitoring device itself is relatively inexpensive, the sensors it uses are not. Each sensor costs about $100 and needs to be replaced every two weeks. For people over 25 years old, this expense is not covered by Manitoba Health, and is completely out of her budget. Without your donation, Bobbilyn’s health will remain in jeopardy.

Bobbilyn is very enthusiastic about this new monitoring system and how it will improve her quality of life.

“I’ll be more relaxed and confident,“ she says. “It will save my life!”

Once she is more in control of her health, she will be more comfortable participating in activities she loves, like hiking and going out to meet friends and family.

Bobbilyn is passionate about the things she cares about. She loves her bearded dragon Sparky and all things dragon related. She adores Harry Potter and her favorite past times are walking and dancing. In fact, she has recently “danced away” over forty pounds and is feeling great!

The monitoring system will also give her doctor a historical record of her blood sugar trends. This detailed information will allow him to create better healthcare plans. This improved data will empower Bobbilyn with the knowledge she needs to manage her diabetes, and her own health.

The list of specialized equipment needed by people with disabilities is long and costly. Wheelchairs, walkers, glasses, dental work, orthotics…these items make a huge difference to quality of life, but are cost prohibitive when living on a fixed income. Your donation is needed to provide vital equipment to someone with a developmental disability.

What would happen if you needed a wheelchair or walker to get around but didn’t have the financial ability to purchase them? Imagine if every pair of shoes you needed had to be customized, but you couldn’t afford any. There is someone right now waiting for life-changing help. Please, send a gift today to improve someone’s health and help them live their best lives!

Please give today. You can donate on our secure website at stamant.ca/equipment.

With much appreciation,

Juliette Mucha

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