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Andrea’s Story: Essential Equipment Elevates Social Life

Andrea’s Story: Essential Equipment Elevates Social Life

Spending 8-16 hours a day in a wheelchair means that comfort and support is not a luxury but a necessity. Wheelchair users will tell you that an ill-fitting wheelchair will cause pressure sores, issues with posture, difficulty with eating and digestion and can lead to being confined to home or worse bed.

Andie is one of many people supported by St.Amant that use a wheelchair to get around every day. She is a very social young woman who enjoys going to bingo, bowling with her friends and getting out to swim at the local pool. She especially loves to help babysit her four young nephews.

Recently, her mom, Joan, began to notice that Andie was often leaning to one side when in her wheelchair and was twisted in her seat, despite her mom’s help to sit straight. “Andie rarely complains about anything,” said Joan “but I could tell that she was uncomfortable.”

St.Amant Physiotherapist, Macara recommended a new custom molded back and seating for her wheelchair to improve Andrea’s positioning. Like so many specialized health items needed by people with disabilities, this seating is very expensive and is not covered by regular health funding.  The cost is out of reach for Andie’s family.

Both Joan and Macara know how essential supportive seating is for Andie’s overall health and well-being. Andie spends nearly all of her waking time in her wheelchair, so it is imperative that she is well positioned.

“Being seated properly will allow Andrea to be comfortable for longer periods of time and will provide her with a greater ability to continue to do all of the things that bring her joy and fulfillment,” Macara explains.

Your donation will provide the custom seating Andie needs to ensure that she can keep bowling, babysitting and playing bingo!


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