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COVID-19 Update: We Are Connected

COVID-19 Update: We Are Connected

As a family member and loved one of a person supported by St.Amant, helping you stay informed and be connected through these uncertain times – when everyone is concerned about potential health risks – is vital.

St.Amant is committed to sharing the information you need to feel secure and connected with your loved one, and to feel assured they are continuing to be supported with the utmost in caution, cleanliness, and sensitivity to their mental wellness, rights and freedoms, physical and emotional needs.

We will only be updating the St.Amant website and sending e-newsletter as we don’t currently have the staff to maintain mailing hard copies. If you have not signed up for our e-newsletter, please do by clicking here or by visiting the home page of our website and clicking on the “sign up for e-news” button.

Safety & Health for Your Loved One

St.Amant’s teams of Occupational Health, Operations, Facilities and Direct Support Staff are doing everything that should be done – and much more – to ensure the health of your loved one during the COVD-19 outbreak in Manitoba.

We are following all of Public Health’s procedures and recommendations around staff who have travelled, infection control and social distancing guidelines.

Staff are rigorously and repeatedly wiping surfaces and touchpoints with disinfectants, sterilizing all devices, washing floors, and ensuring everyone adheres to strict handwashing practices.

St.Amant has long-term experience with managing the cleaning and disinfecting practices employed throughout any influenza season or outbreak.

Staff Wellness

Staff at Health & Transition Services and in St.Amant homes are taking care of themselves, so they can fully support your loved one.

All staff at St.Amant are conscientiously self-monitoring for any symptoms of illness that might be in any way concerning, and will not report for work if they are showing any symptoms of respiratory illness.

As an additional precaution, St.Amant has significantly reduced the number of people working in the building at 440 River Road to help ensure the safety of the people supported within Health and Transition Services.

Staff are being provided with extensive information from the provincial government’s Chief Medical Officer of Public Health, Shared Health, and St.Amant with respect to recent travel, potential external health risks, social distancing, and what to do if they have any health concerns.

Social Distancing

Frontline health care providers and support workers are heeding the current social distancing precautions while also ensuring that necessary physical contact to support your loved one is not being restricted.

Staff who need to provide physical supports for your loved one are handwashing vigorously and often, and maintaining safe infection control practices.

At This Time, No Visitors, Please

As you know, St.Amant has restricted all visitor access at 440 River Road, in keeping with the Long Term Care directive. We are also discouraging visitors, even family, in our community homes. This is in keeping with the social distancing directive of the Chief Medical Officer of Health to not invite people over or visit in other people’s homes. We know this is difficult, but rigid measures are required at this time to protect your loved ones, the essential frontline staff involved in their daily lives, plus their families, and communities branching out from them.

We will advise you as soon as the visiting policies change. Your understanding and patience is so greatly appreciated.

Social Distancing – Not Social Isolating

No risk of infection or transmission of illness is worth taking at this time.

St.Amant has postponed group activities where the mandated social distancing guidelines would be difficult to meet.

Community activities, internal and external events, meetings and outings are all cancelled for the time being as a caution. When this changes, we will be excited to share the good news!

Our teams are working hard to support people to continue to connect with their family and friends using technology and creativity.

Holistic Support Always Provided

St.Amant offers a wealth of resources and connections within our community to meet a broad spectrum of spiritual, social, mental health, emotional wellness and physical activity needs of the people we support, and family members, whenever possible.

During this challenging time, although the support may look different, we are doing our best to ensure there is no interruption to these provisions, except when/if social distancing requirements cannot be met.

Our Mental Health

This unprecedented time of uncertainty can bring anxiety and social distancing can bring loneliness. Not knowing how long these changes are in place can be unsettling.

St.Amant is working hard to share community mental health resources on our website and social media. Please reach out through those resources if you are struggling.

Please Reach Out, We’re Here

We encourage you to connect as often as you need to, with the staff and Direct Support Staff with whom you are already connected, and who know you and your loved one best.

We’re all in this together, and it won’t be forever.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support. For now, we’ll all keep doing the right things for the right reasons, and sharing a spirit of compassion and hope with each other.


Shirley Labossiere

A/President & CEO

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