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Message to Health & Transition Services Families – December 8

Message to Health & Transition Services Families – December 8

Good evening,
There has been a lot of activity and planning in Health & Transition Services today and although I don’t have any news to share, I did want to help clarify the care areas as we have received a lot of questions!
It’s only been a couple of years since River Road Place changed to Health & Transition Services and the various areas were given new names and even staff still sometimes default to the old living unit names. So, below is a reference of the current names we are using for the care areas – I hope this will help you to visualize the spaces we refer to in our communication.
First Floor:
Formerly called: 1 East and 1 West
Now called: Adult Services East (ASE) and West (ASW)

We have separated Adult Services East into three distinct units to support COVID-19 co-horting (AS-E Unit 1, AS-E Unit 2, and AS-E Unit 3).
Second Floor:
Formerly called: 2East and 2West
Now called: Child & Young Adult Services East and West (CYAHSE, CYAHSW)
Third Floor:
Formerly called: 3East and 3West
Now called: Adult Health Services East and West (AHSE, ASHW)
Stabilization Service
Formerly called: the Cottages
Now called: We refer to the entire area as Stabilization Service, however there are still 5 distinctly named areas within this service: Mapleside, Riverside, Ashview, Birchview, and Cedarview. 
If there are any moves or changes that affect your loved one, we will communicate directly to you via a phone call.
I want to thank you all for your continued confidence and support. We will continue to share updates as needed, when there are changes, or at a minimum, weekly. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
Sarah Mankelow
Director, Health & Transition Services

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