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Message to Health & Transition Services Families

Message to Health & Transition Services Families

April 9, 2020

Update to H&TS Families:

I want to share that we continue to work hard to support your family members, to ensure that they are healthy and happy.  I know that there have been some concerns expressed regarding staff who may work at one or more sites across the region, and wondering what we are doing in response to that concern.  We have flagged this concern on the daily long term care conference call – I asked about it again today.  The direction we’re following is provided by Pandemic Incident Command with Shared Health and Public Health.  There are active conversations happening with the province and regional Human resources and we are closely and quickly responding to any new direction that is provided.  In the meantime, as mentioned on Tuesday, all staff entering the building are screened for respiratory symptoms and have their temperature checked.  If there are any concerns, staff are directed to contact Occupational Health and Health Links, and they are tested for COVID-19, and are sent home until their result comes back as negative.

On that note, all individuals supported and all staff who have had respiratory symptoms and been tested for COVID-19, have come back negative!  If your family members have any respiratory symptoms, regardless of severity, they are swabbed and tested for COVID-19.  Anyone who has any respiratory symptoms are isolated and put on precautions until their test resultscome back negative, and until they are symptom free.

We are awaiting and planning for our shipment of universal protective equipment which we anticipate will arrive next week.  

A new directive is that Long Term Care facilities are not allowed to accept any items that cannot be wiped down and disinfected.  This includes take-out food containers such as pizza boxes, fast food bags, take out coffee cups.  This also includes plants or flowers, cards and magazines, soft toys.  Food in tins or plastic containers (cleaned before they are brought in) and anything in a sealed, wipe-able packages is allowed. We thank you for your understanding and support.

Additionally, I want to direct you to our program information that highlights the creative programming that is being offered for your loved ones.  This is posted on the Main Page at stamant.ca in the news column on the left.  This is in the same space that these updates to families can be found.  Information about Holy Thursday, the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, and Easter Sunday Mass/message are also posted for you to be aware of and to participate if you are interested.

Thank you for your kindnesses – there have been baking and messages of thanks shared with staff that have been greatly appreciated.  We know how hard this is, and appreciate your care and concern for our staff as well as your family members.

Happy Easter and be well,

Joanne van Dyck, M.Sc.

Senior Manager, Health & Transition Services

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