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Michelle is on the move

Michelle is on the move

Michelle is 41 years old and in June of 2019, she moved from her parent’s house into her own home supported by St.Amant’s Community Residential Program.

Michelle uses an electric wheelchair to get around but her chair is aging and requires frequent repairs. Each time her chair needs to be fixed, it means that she is unable to leave her home. She cannot attend her day program or any other activities.

Even getting around her house is a challenge when the electric wheelchair isn’t working properly. It is very heavy and difficult to navigate. Michelle is unable to maneuver it by herself and loses the independence of moving on her own, relying instead on staff to help her get around. 

St.Amant Occupational Therapist Marla recommended that Michelle have a smaller, manual wheelchair available to her. It would increase her mobility and independence and ensures she is no longer stuck at home for long periods of time. Your gift gave Michelle this independence and she is so grateful!  

The manual chair has ensured that Michelle is no longer cut off from seeing her friends and family and doing the things she loves. Thank you for providing the gift of mobility!

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