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Participants Needed For Research

Participants Needed For Research

Participants Needed For Research Study on the Effects of a Mindfulness-Based Training Program on Behaviour Intervention Procedural Fidelity.

Are you an Autism Tutor working in the classrooms?

  • We are seeking Autism Tutors from St.Amant Autism Programs
  • You must work in an autism classroom OR at a daycare centre
  • You must also have at least 3 months of experience working as an autism tutor (anywhere).

What is the study about?

  • The purpose of this research is to learn whether a mindfulness-based training program tailored for employees helps them to apply Discrete-Trials Teaching procedures more accurately.
  • The mindfulness training program aims to improve several facets of your job performance and well-being, which may also benefit the children served.

What is involved?

  • You will complete mindfulness training sessions facilitated by Dr. James Ediger and Brendan Boehr, which will consist of three group sessions (each one half-day; a total of 9 hours) over a period of up to approximately 5 weeks.
  • Trained research assistants will observe you conducting DTT in the classroom for approximately 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

What are the benefits of participating?

  • You will receive an honorarium of $178. Specifically, you will be paid $25 for completing this consent form and subsequent questionnaires. In addition, you will be paid $51 (i.e., $17/hour for 3 hours) upon completion of each of the three mindfulness sessions.
  • Upon completion of the mindfulness training, you will receive a certificate of completion which will be reflected in your St.Amant employee file.

To learn more about this research opportunity, please contact Sophie Robitaille at robitais@myumanitoba.ca or 204-723-0145

Research Supervisor: Dr. Toby Martin Director St.Amant Research Centre, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology University of Manitoba

Student Researcher: Sophie Robitaille Master’s student, Psychology Department University of Manitoba

This study has been approved by the University of Manitoba Psychology/Sociology Research Ethics Board and the St.Amant Research Review Committee.

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