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Spirit Cottage Ready For Bookings

Spirit Cottage Ready For Bookings

We are pleased to announce that the St.Amant Spirit Cottage by Hans Kraus Family & Qualico has received the Occupancy Permit and can officially host people we support!
The project team continues to work on policies and procedures and is hoping to have all of the necessary information in place as soon as possible. However, we are very happy to announce that you are welcome to book the Spirit Cottage now! Please know that not every process will be perfect and that we are relying on the early users to give the project team good feedback on what works well and what can be improved. Designated program representatives will handle bookings, which can be made up to 60 days in advance. The cottage is open for morning, afternoon, evening, all day and overnight bookings.

Please contact your program representative to book today! Program representatives:

River Road Place: Ruth Tailleur, Lead Administrative Assistant, 204.256.4301 ext. 4298, rtailleur@stamant.ca

Community Residential Program: Cheryl Hutchinson, Administrative Assistant, 204.256 4301 ext. 3347, chutchinson@stamant.ca

Autism & Outreach: Breanne Farley, Administrative Assistant, 204.256.4301 ext. 4280, bfarley@stamant.ca

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