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Update to Health & Transition Services Families – January 14, 2022

Update to Health & Transition Services Families – January 14, 2022

Good Afternoon Health & Transition Services Families,

We hope this message finds you healthy and well!

As we head into this mild January weekend, we wanted to announce that H&TS will open its doors to Designated Family Caregivers officially on Saturday, January 15. We want to thank you for your patience during the closure as we know it’s been difficult for you to be away from your loved one. Your presence is very important and we will be happy to see you once again.

There are a few pieces of information we want to let you know and to remind you of before you visit:

  • If possible, please plan your visits in advance with unit staff. You will be required to call up to the unit via the front door way phone or reception. A staff person from the unit you are visiting will greet you and screen you upon arrival. You must bring your vaccination cards and ID.
  • Please remember to self-screen for any signs or symptoms of illness. Please do not visit if you are required to self-isolate or are symptomatic in any way.
  • Currently there no positive individuals we support in the service areas. We continue however to monitor this closely and are testing any individuals we support who become symptomatic.
  • There are 1-2 new staff cases every day but there has been no rise in positive cases in people supported. We’re being cautious and not letting people leave the units.
  • We continue to recommend visits in rooms vs. moving about the units.
  • Please be mindful of physical distancing from staff and wear all PPE required (eye protection and masks) upon arrival. This is required throughout your visit.
  • Some of the people we support are on quarantine because of a low risk contact of a positive case. As a result, they must remain in their room for a specified number of days. The nurses can inform you how long this will continue if this applies to your loved one.
  • If your loved one is on isolation with precautions (i.e. additional PPE required in room)please connect with the nursing staff about how to safety enter and exit the room.
  • As we continue to monitor the number of positive cases in this environment (staff and/or people supported), PLEASE be mindful of signage and changes. Orange triangle signage on doors means that a person supported is waiting test results due to being symptomatic or a close contact of a positive case. Red stop sign signage indicates that a person supported IS positive and must remain on isolation in their room. This signage could change regularly. 
  • For your own precaution and safety, you may want to decide in advance if you want to visit a red unit, as extra PPE may be required.   
  • It is our intention to remain open to Designated Family Caregivers, even if a unit is declared being in an outbreak. It is important to us that you remain updated and informed of necessary precautions.

We want to thank you again for your support during this challenging time. Our staffing levels are in good shape for now and staff are eagerly anticipating a return to “normal” in the days ahead. Staff are engaging people supported in one-on-one activities and walks on their unit during this time. Staff are engaging people supported in one-on-one activities and time away from their rooms while staying on their unit during this time.

Please reach out if you have any questions about visiting and welcome back!

Jennifer Busch
Senior Manager, H&TS

Todd MacDonald
Senior Manager, H&TS

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