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Update to St.Amant Families – October 30, 2020

Update to St.Amant Families – October 30, 2020

Dear St.Amant Families:

As we continue to navigate through this pandemic, we really want to extend our deep and sincere thank you to all families who form our most important community. Through challenging times, it really is our community that carries us through. Thank you for your support, your continued flexibility and patience and encouragement as services and requirements evolve. We are so grateful to be held up by this amazing community.

If you have a chance, take a peek at what Volunteer Services organized for everyone we support as a Halloween event – it’s been pretty magical so far! St.Amant Halloween Bash

Moving to Critical (Red) in Winnipeg
As we received word that Winnipeg was moving to Critical (red) on the Pandemic Response System today, we have spent the afternoon working through what this means for services at St.Amant.

  • Day Services and Community Homes: we received an update from CLDS with regard to Day Services and Community Home Visits – that information is below.
  • Health & Transition Services: no change: they were already considered critical (red)
  • St.Amant School and River Road Child Care: currently do not have any changes to programming.
  • Clinical Services: will continue to support people remotely when possible and in person as needed.
  • Autism Programs: will also continue (with a brief pause for early learning next week).

As we know, services can change depending on the ongoing direction from Public Health. We will continue to share information as soon as we can when there are changes.

COVID-19 Positive Cases:
Currently we have three people supported within the Community Residential Program and four staff who have tested positive for COVID-19. All contact tracing has been completed and everyone who is positive is recovering well at home.

Mental Health Supports:
We know that everyone is experiencing some level of loneliness and anxiety related to the pandemic and the news today has been hard on all of us. Please reach out for support as you need. Here are a few good resources:

The Compassion Network is also offering an online Mindful Self-Compassion course that starts November 4, along with other helpful resources.

The following is the direction we received today from the Department of Families for CLDS day programs and community homes:

Day Services:
To ensure the continued safety and well-being of CLDS participants and agency staff, and to help curb the spread of COVID-19, day services may continue only in situations where there is a critical need. This includes: 

  • participants living with family members who are at risk of losing employment if day services are not provided and do not have other daytime options; 
  • participants supported by home share providers who are unable to provide care during daytime hours, and where other arrangements are not possible; or 
  • participants who cannot be safely supported in their residence during daytime hours. 

We will be reaching out to families supported through St.Amant’s Community Day Services on Monday to check-in and plan together for ongoing services.

Community Homes: Indoor Visits and Day Services

Positive COVID-19 Case(s) in a Community Home: Visitation and Day Services

  • Visits will be suspended, unless critical to the participant’s well-being.
  • One visitor per family member will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) supplied by department and with all necessary.precautions implemented.
  • All day programs will be suspended. 
  • All community-based recreation and leisure activities will be suspended.

No COVID-19 case(s) in a Community Home: Visitation and Day Services

  • All in-person visits to shift-staffed group homes and home shares will follow personal care home guidelines, which allow two visitors with appropriate use of PPE. (non-medical mask and maintain 2 meter physical distancing).
  • Family members and friends will be encouraged to connect by telephone, social media or virtually to minimize in-person visits.
  • All non-critical community-based recreation and leisure activities will be suspended. 

These restrictions apply to all indoor visits, whether they take place at the facility, the family’s home or elsewhere. They do not apply to regular appointments in the community as long as all necessary COVID-19 precautions are taken.  
Community Homes – Outdoor Visits   

  • Outdoor visits are permitted for residents who do not have COVID-19.
  • A maximum of two visitors may be allowed outside a residential care facility at a time. 
  • If two or more residents would like to have outdoor visitors, the total number of visitors cannot exceed two at any given time. 
  • Given that the risk of transmitting the virus is less likely in outdoor settings, CLDS continues to encourage outdoor visits wherever possible. CLDS also encourages alternative communication such as video or phone calls, where appropriate.

Given that many CLDS participants are at a higher risk of contracting the virus or at higher risk of serious illness, the department has consulted with public health officials to develop this approach.

Please reach out to the staff that supports your family member if you have any questions or concerns or would like to discuss visitation.

Wishing everyone a safe weekend,

John Leggat
President & CEO

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