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Caregiver Safety

Caregiver Safety

Project Title: Working with Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: Injuries and Challenging Behaviour
Investigators: Bev Temple, Toby Martin, Charmayne Dube, Lois Novotny, Chris Fyfe, Lesley Anne Fuga, Trevor Farley
: St.Amant Research Centre, University of Manitoba Faculty of Nursing, New Directions, St.Amant
Research Sponsor
: Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba


Some people with developmental disabilities or intellectual disabilities (DD/ID) can behave aggressively toward others and injuries sometimes result. At St. Amant, employees who provide support to people with ID/DD are trained in how to prevent injuries resulting from challenging behaviour. However, it is not completely known how effective current training programs are in assisting staff to respond to real life situations.


The goal is to understand how injuries occur and what factors affect staff’s ability to prevent injuries by applying their training.

Significance of Study

The point of view of people who have experience training and working with people who have ID/DD is important to finding better ways to apply training and prevent injuries. Minimizing challenging behaviour and responding with appropriate skills and techniques when it does occur would result in safer environments for our staff as well as for the people we serve, resulting in a better quality of life for all.

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