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#BrokenPromise Campaign – We need your voice and help!

June 5, 2018

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act was passed in 2013 with a promise that significant progress would be made by 2023. We are now five years into this ten-year time frame and are seeing very little progress, many missed deadlines and poor implementation. In addition, the resources of organizations such as Barrier-Free Manitoba to sustain constant advocacy and vigilance to keep the government on track are dwindling.
The government is required by law to review implementation this year and an independent reviewer has been selected and to date, one public consultation has been set to see how the disability community feels about progress to date. Other than the June 20th consultation, no other dates are currently planned either within or outside of Winnipeg.
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To say that we are concerned that, what was to be a watershed legislation that would make a significant change in the lives of people we support, is floundering would be an understatement! We need your help and voice to make sure that once again the power of the disability community is heard loud and clear that this is not acceptable!
What can you do?

  • Sign a postcard to send to Minister Fielding and the provincial government. You can get hard copies of the postcard at the front reception at St.Amant or sign online through the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/AMABrokenPromise. You can drop off signed postcards back at St.Amant and we will make sure they are delivered. (no postage necessary).
  • Encourage your staff, co-workers, people you support, your family and friends to sign a postcard either hard copy or online.
  • Like, follow and share posts you see about the campaign on your social media – Barrier-Free Manitoba, St.Amant or Abilities Manitoba (or all three) are good accounts to follow whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The more likes and shares the posts get the more people see and get involved. Feel free to share your own thoughts on the implementation of the AMA – please use #BrokenPromise and #mbpoli in your posts to be sure that it gets seen by the right people!
  • Are you or someone you support, someone who is very passionate about this topic and want to come out to the June 20th public consultation? We need the voice of people with disabilities and their allies at this event. The registration form is attached. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20 at the Viscount Gort from 9-12 noon. We want to fill the room with people who can and want to voice their opinions on the broken promise of the AMA implementation to date! Complete the registration form here.
  • Participate in the Why So Glum Challenge – post a selfie or group photo of people holding a sign with #BrokenPromises on it and share on your social media. Find out more about this challenge via the following link: https://www.barrierfreemb.com/whatsnew/173/429 Note: if posting a group photo it is always best to be sure you have the consent of those in the group.

More information and backgrounders are available at on Barrier-Free Manitoba’s website on the issues with the implementation as well as plans and resources for the campaign. https://www.barrierfreemb.com/home
Feel free to share this page to those that you think may also have a stake in the #BrokenPromise Campaign and want to see the true impact and power of the AMA be realized for all people within Manitoba.

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