Go into work knowing you’re making a positive impact and your effort makes a difference in the lives of the people you support and those who love them. You’re not just an employee—you’re an advocate, walking alongside someone who faces constant barriers and unfair exclusion. Your work truly matters, and when you love what you do and how you’re both growing, it doesn’t feel like work.

Being a Personal Support Worker (Health Care Aide) is a relationship, not just a job.

Growth and Training Opportunities

  • There are plenty of opportunities for promotion and professional development.
  • St.Amant offers online and in-person training opportunities for free for all employees.
  • Your experience as a DSP will translate to growth in your life, future work and any relationship.

Support and Health Benefits

  • Get all the training you need while being paid on-the-job.
  • Gain a supportive team and all the mentorship you need to be successful, job-shadowing until you’re ready to start on your own.
  • Competitive health benefits for you and your family, including dental, vision, massage, chiropractor, travel insurance and more.

Testimonial from current Personal Support Worker

“We were heading to an event together and the person I support was so happy that they looked at me with a big smile and said ‘Thank you so much for being by my side.'” — Ailen Unciano (Personal Support Worker)