School Program

The School Program is for students, grades 7-12. The program runs from September to June, students volunteer once a week, either mornings or afternoons 9-11am or 1-3pm. Staff and students are responsible for their own transportation.


Placement Protocol

We work with each school to tailor the volunteer experience for their students. Students can visit 440 River Road weekly or can create virtual volunteer opportunities.

Virtual opportunities might look like, a band class playing their instruments and sharing stories about past concerts. Cooking demonstrations from a nutrition class, a physical education class hosting a dance lesson. We encourage your students to get creative and create meaningful opportunities to connect with the people we support.

Volunteer opportunities at 440 River Road will be based on the needs of the programs and services that are happening on the days students are visiting; they may vary from week to week.

“The St.Amant volunteer program offers incredibly diverse and fulfilling opportunities to anyone who joins, no matter how they want to help. As a student who only began volunteering because of school credit requirements, I quickly found that the rewarding experiences and strong friendships I built here transformed this obligation of mine into an enjoyable, long term, career-defining commitment!”

Nick Brzak

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Once students complete 20 hours of volunteer service

  • Can receive a certificate for future portfolio use
  • Can access St.Amant’s Corporate Education Training opportunities
  • Can request a reference, for future employment and scholarship opportunities
  • Are part of a fun community
  • Have opportunities to join St.Amant clubs and committees
  • Are invited to volunteer recognition and appreciation events



How many students can volunteer at once?

It varies based on our needs and the size of your class. If we can’t accommodate the whole class, we may have half the class volunteer one semester and half the class volunteer the next semester. We can be creative to make sure everyone has a meaningful experience.


I’m a teacher or school administrator where can I find more information?

We provide on-site and virtual presentations for students, staff and parents to answer questions and provide detailed information. Please contact 204.256.4301 Ext. 3440