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Collaborative Achievement: Comm Team’s Strat Plan Celebration Video

July 9, 2024

Creating a video to highlight the achievements of completing a 5-year strategic plan for St.Amant was an exhilarating experience for the entire Communications team. The project, a collaborative effort, marked a significant milestone as their first major video production. The excitement and engagement from the St.Amant staff during the interviews were so evident, reflecting their satisfaction in sharing their accomplishments with the entire organization.

Eliane Vieira, Communications Coordinator, took on the roles of interviewing, filming, and editing, bringing a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. She captured heartfelt testimonials from staff members, who were eager to share their projects completion, and the direct results of their work over the past five years. Each interview was a testament to the dedication and hard work of the St.Amant team, highlighting milestones reached, creative and collaborative work, and challenges overcome.

Marcel Fisette, Manager of Corporate Communications, on the other hand, also played an important role in the project’s success by managing logistics, scheduling, and providing overall support. His careful planning ensured that the filming process was smooth and efficient, allowing Eliane to focus on the creative aspects of the project. Together, their synergy and complementary skills brought the vision of the video to life.

The project was more than just a recap of the strategic plan’s achievements; it was a celebration of perseverance, collaboration between teams and services, and the commitment of the St.Amant staff to doing their best for the people we serve. The video featured a variety of highlights, from innovative programs and services introduced to the community impact and personal growth stories of the employees. Each segment was crafted to showcase the essence of the strategic plan and the tangible results it produced.

The communications team, proud of their first joint endeavour, found the process both challenging and rewarding. For Eliane and Marcel, this project was not only a professional milestone but also a personal achievement, demonstrating their ability to work together and create something meaningful for St.Amant staff to look at and be proud of.

In conclusion, the creation of the video highlighting the 5-year strategic plan achievements was a resounding success, and had its’ debut at the June Town Hall.

A special thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the St.Amant staff and the dedicated efforts of the Communications team. The result is a documentation of the achievements, and celebrates the journey, and future aspirations of St.Amant.

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