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Community Living Homes Compete For Top Garden

July 18, 2014

Over the summer, staff and the individuals they support in St.Amant’s Community Residential Program have been munched on by mosquitoes, weeded in the humidity, waited out the rain and toiled in the soil all for the annual CRP In Bloom Contest. They did all the hard work and small touches that truly make a house a home.
The Community Residential Program’s Christine Smith and Karen Savage were the judges for this year’s competition. 2014 saw an increase in the number of homes participating, jumping from 13 to 23! They were up for the challenge crisscrossing the city looking at the beautiful gardens.
“Judging the yards for CRP In Bloom was a great experience! It was wonderful to see all the care and dedication that went into the yards, as well as the number of homes that participated,” said Christine. “There were so many beautiful yards that it was extremely difficult to decide on the winners. Every home we looked at was unique and inviting. Thank you to all of the participants and good luck next year!”
This is the ninth year of the CRP In Bloom and it was a perfect day weather wise to visit homes across the city.
“What an amazing day visiting 23 homes that entered in this year’s contest. It was such an honour to judge but choosing only three winners is the most difficult part as all the homes deserved to win,” said Karen.
“From the hand painted garden decorations to proudly showing the neighborhood that the people who live there are true Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans and everything in between. Each home was unique and reflected the people who live there. I am proud to be part of such an amazing group of people. Congratulations to everyone and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.”

The results for this year were shared on our staff intranet. The winning homes recieved $500 and $250 worth of outdoor furnishings or equipment to enjoy in their beautiful yard! Watch this extended look at all the homes that participated. Here’s a shorter version that was shared on our social media channels earlier in the week.

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