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Danya’s Story: Still Dreaming

May 12, 2020

Before the lockdown, Dayna was planning the trip of a lifetime; a week on the West Coast with her Home Share family made possible by your generous donations. It’s always been her dream to see the ocean, wildlife, and ferry boats.
Since birth, Dayna, 22, has battled fragile health. She has liver disease, trouble breathing, and survived multiple open-heart surgeries and other procedures. She feels pain, fatigue and has difficulty walking, so she uses a wheelchair provided by St.Amant.
Earlier this spring, Dayna was feeling stronger. Her Home Share mom Angela and her care team were planning to make her dream come true, and everyone was counting on the support of St.Amant Foundation’s generous donors to bring it to pass.
“It’s such a shame that the trip was cancelled because she’s strong enough right now, but the future is uncertain. Last year she was in the hospital the whole summer,” Angela said.
While Dayna waits for the pandemic to end, she takes walks around the block, but she’s bored and separated from all her friends. Dayna recently received a donated video game console and needs a new TV so the systems can be connected.  This will help her pass the time and give her a way to chat and game with friends while she remains isolated at home.
 “I like playing video games, and if my foster parents are watching something on TV that I don’t want to see, I can go up to my room.”
Everyone is waiting and hoping Dayna’s health will remain strong so she can make that trip when travel restrictions have eased. Until then, you can help make her days feel less lonely.
“I can play games online with my friends and watch a funny movie in my own room.”
At this time of disruption, distancing, and uncertainty, staying connected has never been more important. Your gift will keep Dayna connected to friends while awaiting a trip of a lifetime!  Please consider giving today!