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Donors funded important research studying quality of life

May 20, 2021

The St.Amant Research Centre improves the quality of life of people with developmental disabilities through research and education. Your donation helps to fund this innovative research!
Historically, people with developmental disabilities lived in congregate care settings. Over the past few decades, as the trends and rights for people with disabilities evolved, community living was identified as a more holistic and inclusive way to support people.
St.Amant has been supporting people to move into homes in the community for decades, but the focus has increased recently. Over 55 people are enjoying a greater quality of life after making the move over the past few years.

Surprisingly, little research existed about the best way to support this transition to community living and there was no data about the quality of life outcomes as a result of the move. The St.Amant Research Centre provides a complete look at these transitions and the effects they’ve had on the people involved.
The research team followed individuals from 2016-2020, both before and after their moves to community homes, to assess how this transition affected their health, access to health care and overall quality of life. The results have been overwhelmingly positive!
Study participants shared positive feedback about the change, including: he is much more independent; she seems like a different, happier person; we have be amazed at the difference it has made for our family; we are so happy with her new home!
This valuable research, funded by your donation, not only affirms that St.Amant is on the right path, but also provides valuable data about the impact of community living and the process of transition. These results have the potential to serve as a model for administrators and policy makers in Manitoba and beyond.
This research would not have happened if it wasn’t for you!