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Emily’s Story: New Bike, New Connections

Emily’s Story: New Bike, New Connections

July 8, 2020

Emily has a new set of wheels!

Emily’s Story: New Bike, New Connections

Emily loves to roam the halls at St.Amant and visit all of her friends! She sometimes even pulls her wheelchair around herself when she doesn’t want to wait for others to push her. Now, thanks to donor support, she has a new set of wheels that makes getting around easier and more fun!

Emily is 14 and was born with a very rare disorder called Smith-Leslie-Opitz syndrome. She is non-verbal, uses a feeding tube, and needs a wheelchair to get around.

“She loves interacting with people and she will absolutely love riding her bike around to see her friends,” said Emily’s mom, Nicole.

Emily enjoys attending St.Amant School, speeding around the hallways, and meeting new people at 440 River Road. “She is super happy to have a new bike,” said Nicole.

Emily is preparing to move into a new home in the community and is taking her new customized bike with her. This gives her a chance to explore her new neighborhood and make new connections, all thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Ginny Lees, a physiotherapist at St.Amant, said, “She bike rides every day and loves riding. If she could talk, I am sure she would be giving you a big THANK YOU for the bike!”