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Feeding, Swallowing, Nutrition and Oral Care Workshop


Feeding, Swallowing, Nutrition and Oral Care Workshop

Registration Cost: $30 for St.Amant staff, volunteers, Foster Care and HomeShare providers, charged to the program in which they work; $40 for participants outside of St.Amant (general public)

Who should register: This training is suggested to Direct Service Providers and Care Providers.

If you are a St.Amant staff member, please contact your leader to register internally.

If you are not a St.Amant staff member, please click here to register. 

Training Overview

This interactive workshop addresses multiple important factors involved in supporting others with their mealtime experiences. Developed for Direct Service Providers, this workshop reviews the importance of identifying risk factors, nutrition, and adaptive strategies involved in supporting others with their mealtime experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Strategies to maximize independence at mealtime
  • Risks for adults with developmental disabilities
  • Impact of the environment on eating
  • Physical mechanisms of swallowing
  • Importance of positioning and adaptive equipment
  • Nutrition in health and food modifications
  • Effective oral care and oral hygiene
  • How the senses affect the mealtime experience
  • Mealtime management for persons with dementia
  • Techniques and specialized products available to ensure food and liquid are prepared at the safest texture and consistency

What you can expect:
In this workshop you can expect lectures, videos, and group discussions. If your session date is online, you must join with a device that has a webcam and microphone. 

If you require a specific accommodation because of a disability or a medical need, please email with the details and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please contact us 7-10 days prior to your training event.

Si vous exigez des mesures d’adaptation dues à une incapacité ou une condition médicale, veuillez nous en informez en nous envoyant un courriel à l’adresse suivante: Nous ferons de notre mieux afin de vous accommoder. Merci denous contacter au moins 7 à 10 jours avant votre session de formation.


March 6, 2024


Available to staff, volunteers, businesses, families and community members
8:30 am - 12:00 pm