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Gender Diversity Training


Gender Diversity Training

This training is open to St.Amant staff and Volunteers (exceptions apply). If you are a staff member, please speak to your supervisor to register. If you are not a St.Amant staff member, and would like more information about this training opportunity, please email, or follow the link below.

Training Overview

Johnny plays My Little Pony and his favorite colour is pink. Daisy loves building rockets when dressed like Spiderman. Manager Mike now goes by the name Michelle and uses female pronouns. Is this okay? How do you talk to Johnny, Daisy, Michelle, supervisors, staff etc about this? What is the correct terminology and how can you be mindful about gender diversity in the workplace?

There are lots of questions and this presentation will provide you with the answers. Using books, videos, small group discussions and personal experience, Jackie will teach you the ‘language of acceptance’ she uses regarding gender. You will gain a deeper understanding about gender identity and learn strategies to create safe and affirming environments for gender diverse people. Your confidence as a co-worker/ally will increase as you ‘fill your rainbow toolbox’.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a greater understanding of gender identity and learn ways to be mindful of gender diversity in the workplace
  • Explore common myths, gender biases, privilege, intersectionality and their impact
  • Learn how to create a safe, affirming and welcoming space for LGBT2SQ+
  • Increase ones confidence as an ally as you ‘fill your rainbow toolbox’

About the Trainer

Jackie has a Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Alberta and currently practices as a full time SLP. In 2017 she was a winner of CBCs Future 40, honouring Manitoba’s new generation of leaders and change makers under the age of 40. She is a mother of 2 kids and an award winning author of the children’s book, Be Yourself which features a gender creative child as the main character and teaches the message of acceptance. Jackie is the founder and past volunteer facilitator for BLiNK, a playgroup for Trans and gender creative children out of the Rainbow Resource Center and was a consultant in the creation of the Manitoba Education document, Supporting Transgender and Gender Diverse Students in Manitoba Schools. Jackie is a passionate speaker on gender identity and how educators can support children’s gender diversity in schools.

Community Member Cost: $23.70

St.Amant Employee Cost: Please speak with your supervisor to register and for more information.

If you require a specific accommodation because of a disability or a medical need, please email with the details and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please contact us 7-10 days prior to your training event.

Si vous exigez des mesures d’adaptation dues à une incapacité ou une condition médicale, veuillez nous en informez en nous envoyant un courriel à l’adresse suivante: Nous ferons de notre mieux afin de vous accommoder. Merci denous contacter au moins 7 à 10 jours avant votre session de formation.


February 16, 2024


Available to staff, volunteers, businesses, families and community members
9:30 am - 11:30 am


440 River Rd, Room W402