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Meaningful Connections

Marda and Rachel outside at parking smiling
Marda and Rachel outside at parking smiling

Meaningful Connections

Overview: Meaningful Connections is a two-part training, where you will learn how to support others to find and build meaningful connections. Participants must complete the OFL module before attending the workshop to receive credit for the course.

Part One of this training is completing the Open Future Learning module: Building Friendships and Community.

This e-Learning module will walk you through:

  • How throughout history, people with intellectual disabilities have been segregated
  • The loneliness and isolation that people experience as a result of being segregated
  • The value of community and friendships

In Part Two, you will participate in a live virtual training through Zoom.

You will learn how the work of building meaningful connections relates to your work. We will focus on:

  • Understanding your role in finding and building community
  • Finding and building friendships
  • Maintaining friendships

Learning Objectives:

You will learn about key concepts such as:

  • Personal Outcome Measures
  • Social roles
  • Segregated vs. integrated environments

Corporate Education training is open to all St.Amant staff and volunteers, and hosted on Zoom. You may need approval from your supervisor to attend. If you are not a St.Amant staff, and would like more information about training, please email


August 8, 2022


9:00 am - 3:00 pm