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FAQ: St.Amant Case Management for families with a child diagnosed with ASD

February 17, 2023

*NEW* Will an advisory council be established for families to provide feedback?
Yes, after discussing with families we would like to create an advisory council. The Family Advisory Committee consults, partners, and co-designs with St.Amant case management staff and leadership, to ensure a thoughtful, respectful and family centred, approach to the development and transition of case management services for families of a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A draft terms of reference has been made.
View Draft Terms of Reference

Who will receive case management through St.Amant?

Once this initiative is fully implemented, most families raising children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Manitoba will receive case management services from St.Amant.

We are also part of a pilot project with Community Living disAbility Services to offer case management to adults we support residentially through the Community Residential Program. 

Who is St.Amant?

St.Amant supports over 2,200 people in Manitoba with developmental disabilities, autism and acquired brain injury. 

With a long history, many people remember St.Amant as a Developmental Centre on River Road in Winnipeg. Since 1959, a lot has changed! We were one of the first agencies to offer community living in the 1970s and now support approximately 300 people through a variety of community living options, and approximately 1800 people served through our other outreach program throughout the Province. We have a wide array of clinical services with clinicians who specialize in supporting people with disabilities, and that serves people throughout the province. The centre on River Road is no longer classified as a developmental centre, with the admissions and discharge policies changed to only accept short-term referrals for stabilization, medical support, end-of-life care and respite. St.Amant Autism Programs is one of the funded early learning options for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and extends into school age with consultative services. Our organization also offers a specialized school, a community childcare centre, a feeding and swallowing clinic, a seating and mobility clinic, community stabilization and community respite options for children in Winnipeg and Brandon.

Drawing on a tradition of compassion and service, we use a mindful approach in our daily work and service. Our values guide our actions and our relationships with the people we support, families and co-workers. Relationships and connection to the people we support and their families is a priority and our team uses a family and person-centred approach to service delivery. 

We are a not-for-profit organization committed to human rights and full community inclusion. Through our commitment to advocacy, our organization has actively supported Abilities Manitoba, Disability Matters Vote and Barrier Free Manitoba. 

Does St.Amant offer services outside of Winnipeg?

Yes. Currently, the Clinical Services team, which is made up of: physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapy, spiritual health, speech and language pathology, dietician, nursing and counselling offers services throughout Manitoba through provincial services as well as the federal Jordan’s Principal work. Autism Programs and Psychology services also offers services provincially and the Children’s community respite offers services in Winnipeg and Brandon.

Who offered case management to these families before?

Case management has historically been provided by the Government of Manitoba and in the last few years has begun to be offered by more service agencies.  Manitoba Possible, New Directions and Life’s Journey, are other examples of agencies that provide case management through their service organizations.

Will St.Amant offer services throughout Manitoba?

Yes, St.Amant is hiring case workers who across the Province to deliver services to all families who qualify.

Why is St.Amant taking on this new service area?

The Government of Manitoba recognizes the need to expand case management services as there are many families on wait lists. St.Amant believes that service agencies are well placed to offer excellent support to families, as they are familiar with services and service delivery and can advocate for families in a different way. This will also bring family feedback closer to service delivery to help identify gaps and unmet needs.

When will this new service start?

Recruitment of staff will begin immediately and St.Amant will begin offering services once staff are trained. Families who are currently on the waitlist, along with those in the Western region of the province will be the first to move into the St.Amant case management service. The transition of families from current case workers will happen slowly over the next number of months and will be dependent on recruitment and staff readiness.

Will access to respite and other services change?

St.Amant case workers will be connecting families to any and all services available throughout Manitoba, not only St.Amant services. Your current level of service will not change.

What if families have multiple children receiving support from CDS and not all are diagnosed with ASD. Will they have more than one case worker?

These families will stay with Children’s disABILITY Services at this time for case management services. They will not have two case workers.

What if I work at St.Amant and have a child with ASD, will one of my coworkers now be offering case management to my family?

All families in the province who have a child with ASD will receive case management through St.Amant. As with other St.Amant services, we sometimes offer services to staff members and/or their family members. All staff involved will follow all privacy guidelines and maintain boundaries and respect when delivering services. If you have questions or would like to discuss how this would affect your family, please reach out to Debbie Scora, Interim Manager, Case Management.

Will families be worried that they won’t have a choice when it comes to pre-school autism services?

The choices for pre-school autism services are not changing. Autism Outreach and St.Amant Autism Programs will both continue to be available to families. The process of learning about the programs and making a decision about the preferred service will not change. Case Management services for families with a child with ASD are part of the Clinical Services Social Work team and will maintain separation from St.Amant’s Autism Programs, as well as any other program or service open to a child with ASD offered by St.Amant. 

What if a family doesn’t want to change their case worker and wants to stay with their government case worker?

We know that for some families this change will be challenging and we are committed to working with government and the current case workers to make a compassionate and thoughtful transition.

How many new families will receive services from St.Amant?

We anticipate 2500-3000 new families will join the St.Amant community within the first few years.

How many new staff will St.Amant hire?

Currently, the plan is to hire 20 staff to support this work. This is in line with how other agencies currently manage caseloads. If you’re interested in working in Case Management or have a referral in mind, please connect with Debbie Scora 204-960-7521.

* NEW* How can I find out if I’m on the waitlist for services?

Families can call disABILITY Services at 204-945-8311 to find out if they’re on the waitlist.

*NEW* How do I sign up to get on the waitlist?

Families can start the process by connecting with Children’s disABILITY Services.

Some families are referred to Children’s disABILITY Services by medical professionals, schools, and daycares. You may also apply to the program directly by completing the Referral and Intake Application form (PDF) and submitting it, along with a diagnostic assessment or medical report, to the regional Children’s disABILITY Services office in your region.

Learn more at their website: https://www.gov.mb.ca/fs/cds/index.html.

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