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About the Foundation


St.Amant Foundation works from the mission and core values of St.Amant.

Freeing the spirit
Fulfilling potential


Drawing on a tradition of compassion and service, we strive to create and maintain a community that promotes personal growth, health and safety. We believe that all individuals possess intrinsic worth and should be recognized for who they are created to be. Our values reflect this belief, and guide our actions and our relationships with individuals, families and co-workers.

COLLABORATION: We achieve most when we work in partnerships with others, whether individuals or agencies. We recognize the power of the group to achieve results beyond that possible by individual members working alone.

HOSPITALITY: We are concerned for the well being of others. We embrace our shared responsibility to provide welcoming and supportive environments and are attentive to individual needs for comfort, safety, security and privacy.

EXCELLENCE: We are innovative, accountable and continually improving. We support individuals as they wish to be supported, freely embracing change as we respond to the needs of individuals and communities.

RESPECT: We honour and support the individuality of each person recognizing that the human dimensions of body, mind, emotion, and spirit are inseparable and contribute to and constitute our well being. We welcome the diversity in thought, culture and tradition that individuals bring, believing it strengthens our collective whole.

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