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  • Mothers Share Stories of Crisis and Gratitude

  • October 27, 2020
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    Dear friend,

    Imagine being a parent and living with the knowledge that you cannot keep your child safe. The constant worry, the sleepless nights. The anxiety of always being on alert.

    Your gift today will provide a refuge for a family in crisis and lift a huge weight off the shoulders of those that need it most.

    With a voice thick with emotion, Kim, Ben’s mother, speaks about the difference the stabilization unit at St.Amant made for her family. Her son Ben was hurting himself and, at 24, found himself hospitalized with self-inflicted bleeding around his brain. This injury led to a hospital stay that lasted more than nine months.

    This extraordinary length of stay was not medically-needed, but rather caused by a lack of alternative living space that could ensure his safety.

    She remembers: “I reached out to everyone. I turned over every stone.” This search eventually led her to St.Amant and she is so grateful. “I never thought I would ever have a peaceful night’s sleep, but the support we now receive has given me such peace of mind.”

    The stress of being on the edge of a crisis situation takes its toll; on body, mind and soul. Adding to this heavy burden is the lack of support for families that find themselves at this tipping point. Your donation today will provide a family with the help they need.

    Our community has come to rely on St.Amant to offer a stabilization service that pulls in all the specialists who have extensive experience supporting people with developmental disabilities in challenging situations.

    One of the keys to success in stabilization is a safe and dignified environment. The current space has been cobbled together out of necessity without the much-needed redevelopment. Your gift can help make this happen.

    Mom Tracey also speaks about the peace of mind that came once her son Trey was admitted to the stabilization unit after months of failed alternatives.

    She recalls the 911 calls she had to make, the terror of not knowing where he was when he would bolt, and the constant sense of unease that hung over the family. Even when things were calm, no one could predict when things would get out of control again.

    “He’s thriving now.” Tracey says with a smile. “He has a routine, he participates in activities. I don’t know what we would have done without this support. I am sure he wouldn’t have survived.”

    The renovations required to provide safe, comfortable, quality care were slated to begin this fall, but the COVID-19 pandemic shifted funding elsewhere. The cancellation of several fundraising events has also led to budget shortfalls. Your generosity today will provide the funds needed.

    Without this service, the people that need this support often wind up in emergency rooms or jails and police lock ups and their families remain in crisis.

    It is an ambitious project, and I am counting on your generosity. These families deserve the support and our entire community will benefit when they receive it. 

    You can help ensure that families aren’t left alone and afraid. Your gift today will provide a safe space for a family to access the stabilization support needed so their loved one can return home.

    Donate now and support this worthy project.

    With my gratitude,

    Juliette Mucha

    P.S. Please give today and help a family in crisis. CLICK HERE to donate.

  • Patrick’s Story: A man of many interests

  • October 20, 2020
  • Patrick is 41 years of age and is supported by St.Amant’s Community Residential Program. Patrick and his support team are always exploring new and exciting ways for him to explore his neighborhood and he loves outdoor activities. Biking, hiking, swinging on swings and jumping on trampolines are all regular choices for him. Your support recently funded a new trampoline for Patrick and he uses it often.

    Patrick also recently received a tandem bicycle and he was so happy to ride it around his neighborhood for his MOVE challenge for the Free the Spirit Festival. This bike allows a support team member to ride with him rather than simply walking behind as was the case with his old one. This means Patrick can go further and faster!  He is thrilled!

    Patrick is a man of many interests, and another passion of his is music. Music means a lot to Patrick and your support, combined with his own funds, enabled him to purchase his own musical instruments. He loves his guitar and ukulele and he uses them virtually every day.

    Patrick’s string instruments are tuned in a unique way for him so that he can make a chord independently. Once tuned, he does the rest. He regularly plays the instruments and places his ear to the core while he strums the strings. The sounds and vibration of the strings is very stimulating and calming. This is an activity he loves and the instruments are among his most used possessions.

    Thank you for supporting Patrick and his many passions! He, and the more than 2,100 other people supported by St.Amant, are grateful.

  • Share your team spirit by getting your replica Grey Cup ring in support of St.Amant Foundation

  • October 7, 2020
  • St.Amant Foundation has partnered with Baron® Championship Rings, and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to establish a fundraising campaign.

    For a limited time:
    • 10% of each ring sale will be donated to St.Amant Foundation to help support the build of a new community early learning classroom for preschool children with autism.
    • A portion of the ring sales will support the purchase of Winnipeg Transit monthly bus passes for Gabe Langlois (Dancing Gabe) to be independent and stay involved in his community.


      Never forget the historic Blue Bombers 2019 Grey Cup Championship, and have your own keepsake with a replica version of the true rings worn by the players. 
      This replica ring commemorating the 107th Grey Cup, is a must-have souvenir of that momentous day in late November 2019. 
      NOTE: These replica rings are for display purposes only, and cannot be sized. 
      To purchase your 2019 Winnipeg Blue Bomber replica ring: CLICK HERE

  • Rachele Rides in Style!

  • September 11, 2020
  • Rachele has a renewed love of cycling after attending the 2019 iCan Shine Winnipeg Bike Camp, hosted by St.Amant Foundation. “She enjoyed herself so much and met so many people while she was there!” says support staff Pamela.

    It soon became obvious that these new skills meant she needed a new, bigger bike. Donations to St.Amant Foundation funded the purchase of a bike better suited to her and now she’s riding in style!

    Pamela says: “Rachele was so patient waiting until this summer to buy this new bike and rides it so much now that she has it!”

    Rachele’s message to donors: “Thank you for the bike! I like it very much!

    Funds raised at the Free the Spirit Festival made this possible, and SO much more!

    Want to get involved? CLICK HERE to learn more.