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  • Thankful for igniting a spark

  • December 4, 2019
  • When a young person connects with a horse, it’s powerful. You’ve been making this happen for four young women this fall.

    Every day, we’re thankful for you. For #ThankfulThursday we want to share a specific reason why. Every single day, children & adults with disabilities are experiencing a better life, because of your generosity.

    Yesterday, four young women bundled up and travelled to a barn to spend the entire morning with horses they’ve been bonding with for the past five weeks. And they get to do it again this spring! Each young woman is working on individual goals, like using specific muscles, learning cause & effect and how to work as a team. All things they practice at school. But at the barn, practicing and learning looks more like loving. Connecting with a horse by brushing and putting curlers in their mane, tickling their chin, and cooing sweet things in their ears feels like spending time with a friend. Yet all of these gestures of love also improve coordination and fine motor skills.

    Kailyn’s mom Shauna had the chance to experience the barn with her daughter. She said the personalized programs ignited a spark in her daughter. “With Kailyn, her eyes do the talking,” said Shauna.

    Throwing dice and playing red light/green light are fun, the horses trot on command and the girls giggle in delight. These games also practice turn taking, following directions and cooperation.

    Shauna said, “There were many warm-my-heart moments, thank you so much for this opportunity.”

    Your support made it all happen. Thank you for bringing colour and new experiences to Kailyn and her friends’ lives.

  • St.Amant’s Gift Wrap & Coat Check returns for 10th year

  • November 25, 2019

    The Christmas countdown is on and what better way to make your rushed to-do list more manageable than to stop by the St.Amant gift wrap and coat check at St. Vital Centre? 

    Since 2010, shoppers have raised more than $189,000 for St.Amant Foundation by visiting the gift wrap and coat check station. And year after year, dozens of volunteers eagerly sign up to fill every three-hour time slot throughout December. The Gift Wrap & Coat Check, sponsored by St. Vital Centre and Desjardins Financial Security Investments – St. Vital, operates December 1-24.

    It’s easy to find near the London Drugs entrance and across from customer service and will be open during regular shopping centre hours. You also can’t miss the bright St.Amant signage. The St.Amant Foundation thanks St.Vital Centre for providing the large and welcoming space. The gift wrap and coat check station will be connected to the internet, allowing donations via credit card.

    With so many reasons to visit before the mall closes on Christmas Eve, we hope St.Amant staff will encourage family and friends to come by and create their own holiday giving tradition.

  • St.Amant Spirit Cottage Celebrates 5 Years of Dream Getaways

  • November 22, 2019
  • The St.Amant Spirit Cottage by Hans Kraus Family & Qualico is celebrating five years as a fully accessible retreat for children and adults supported by St.Amant to connect with nature, play in an inspiring and safe environment, enjoy spontaneous adventure and delight in recreation year-round.

    The cottage is open for morning, afternoon, evening, all day and overnight bookings at no cost.

    The four-season cottage is equipped with lifts, a wheelchair ramp, three bedrooms and has all the amenities one needs for a memorable weekend getaway, including an in-ground pool, pool house, fire pit and generous decking. With the support of many generous donors, this project will help ensure the people and their families we support will have a warm and relaxing recreational option that is inclusive and accessible for all. Located on the riverbank behind St.Amant in St. Vital, visitors won’t have to travel far to relax. 

    Led by $250,000 donations to the St.Amant Foundation from both the Hans Kraus Family and Qualico, the cottage was built with the help of over 25 major donors. Donations continue to allow the cottage to operate year round at no cost to the people and their families St.Amant support. 

    Please contact your program representative to book today.

    Program representatives:

    Autism Programs, Health & Transition Services: Ruth Tailleur, Lead Administrative Assistant, 204.256.4301 ext. 4298, rtailleur@stamant.ca

    Community Services, Community Residential Program: Cheryl Hutchinson, Administrative Assistant, 204.256 4301 ext. 3347, chutchinson@stamant.ca

    Designated program representatives will handle bookings, which can be made up to 60 days in advance.

  • Hilary Druxman Launches “Distinctive Values” Necklace to Support St.Amant Foundation

  • November 19, 2019
  • Today, Winnipeg’s top jewelry designer, Hilary Druxman, released this gorgeous – and affordable – signature necklace designed for St.Amant, just in time for the season of giving! 

    The sterling silver necklace is named Distinctive Values, and is inspired by the distinctive tusks of elephants large and small. Tusks are used for digging, lifting, gathering food and to help elephants to defend themselves and family members.

    Like humans, elephants are social, devoted and loving. They communicate through language and touch and form life-long bonds with friends.

    St.Amant supports people with developmental disabilities and autism through a wide range of supports and services that honour inclusion, connection and well-being and the two tusks symbolize these shared values.

    Purchasing this necklace will help strengthen friendships and bring meaningful experiences into the lives of the 2000 people who are supported by St.Amant Foundation.

    Sterling silver tusk pendant on a 16-18″ chain. $40.00 (tax included)

    Purchase from St.Amant’s front reception, beginning Wednesday, November 20 or order online at bit.ly/DruxmanStAmant.

  • Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (CWE) event rocks the house

  • October 23, 2019
  • Thanks to you, a gym packed full of people booing, cheering, and heckling all got to experience the dazzling spectacle of elite Canadian wrestling — in the gym at St.Amant’s 440 River Road location.

    Willis,  lives in a community home in Windsor Park and he’s supported by St.Amant. Willis was on the edge of his seat as four-time CWE champion Danny Duggan repeatedly threw down his opponent. He was especially excited to hang out with his buddy Garrett, who is also supported by St.Amant, and watch live wrestling together.

    “Garrett’s coming! He’s my friend and he’s coming to the wrestling today! He’s going to sit beside me,” Willis exclaimed; his happy face fixed on the action inside the ring.

    The annual CWE event is made possible thanks to your generous donation.

    It’s an energetic display of theatrics and athleticism between a wild bunch of characters who love entertaining and showing how much they care.

    The wrestlers ran around outside the ring between each match, taunting their opponents with colourful trash talk and stirring up the scene for everyone.

    At intermission, Hot Shot Danny Duggan made sure the whole CWE crew took enough time so that everyone who wanted to capture a memory could pose for pictures with all the wrestlers.

    “This is an annual tradition for our CWE family and it means so much to us. We always love being here, and we look forward to doing this for years to come,” Duggan said.

    After the wrestling, Willis planned to head over to Garrett’s place for a pizza party, and after that, to a Halloween dance with a few more friends.

    Willis’ eyes are shining with happiness and he’s a busy guy with lots of friends and places to go.

    You’re helping people supported by St.Amant to form and strengthen friendships built around their shared experiences and interests with others.

    Your gifts are combatting loneliness and social isolation.

    You’re giving many people great days to look forward to, and to remember always.

    Thank you!