St.Amant Foundation Events


September 23, 2023

Free the
Spirit Festival

Run, walk, and roll together! Don’t miss your chance to register to earn rewards and support a great cause!

The Free the Spirit Festival is an annual fundraiser to support people with developmental disabilities and autism, and their families. With your help, you can enhance the quality of life for more than 2,200 people by providing opportunities to create friendships, stay active, learn, be independent, and have fun!

St.Amant party group photo

November 22, 2023

St.Amant Party

Pull out your flannel and put away the cocktail dress- this is not your average fundraising event. Join us for a night around the campfire, with great people, delicious food and the chance to provide memories to last a lifetime!

hands holding gift wrapped present with striped ribbon and bow against a neutral white background

November – December

Gift Wrap
and Coat Check

Let our volunteer elves help you over the holidays and you’ll also give back to St.Amant!

For over 11 years St.Amant has offered gift wrap and coat check at St. Vital Centre throughout the month of December. This event has raised over $233,000!  


Winter Fish-Off

St.Amant Foundation is proud to partner with the Falcon Lake Winter Fish Off in helping raise over $100,000 for Autism Programs at St.Amant since our partnership began in 2014. This event is an amazing opportunity for family and friends to come together and experience a fun day of ice fishing with the hopes of winning a prize for the biggest catch.


Manitoba Moose

St.Amant Foundation has proudly partnered for an eigth year with the Manitoba Moose for an Autism Acceptance campaign in support of St.Amant Autism Programs.

The Manitoba Moose Autism Acceptance Game is taking place on Saturday, April 6 – more details and ticket discount code released soon!

Autism Ride - June 2022


Autism Ride Raffle

Rain or shine, we ride!

The Autism Ride was launched in 2018 to raise awareness and funds to ensure people with autism have access to recreation and leisure. Over the years, over $500,000 has been raised!