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Third Party Events

Gather your friends, familyand coworkersand host an event at work, at home or in your community.  You can make a world of difference in the lives of childrenand adults with developmental disabilitiesand autism.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Office spirit days
  • A sporting event
  • Bake, garage or craft sales
  • Special Events

If you are interested in holding a third-party fundraising event in support of St Amantand would like further information, please call contact Chantal Champagne at cchampagne@stamant.ca or 204-258-7050 for more information or download the St.Amant Third Party Agreement Guidelines’ form.

Special Thanks


Thanks to the University of Manitoba Pharmacy Students’ Association for organizing a social that raised $2100 in support of St.Amant Foundation.

Sophie Chen_Soap Fundraiser_College Jeanne-Sauve

Sophie Chen, a student of College Jeanne-Sauve, recently donated $1,000 to St.Amant Foundation. The proceeds are from selling handmade natural soapsand lotions as part of a club Sophie started at her school. Sophie’s club sold their products to parents at parent-teacher conferences. Sophie chose St.Amant because she volunteers hereand wanted to give back in a different way.


Thank you to the University of Manitoba Life Team for donating all the proceeds from their Classy Casino Night to St.Amant Foundation.


St.Amant is thankful to Dead Mans Hand Custom Tattoo for supporting the St.Amant Autism Programs! Over $1600 was raised through the sale of autism-themed tattoos earlier this spring.

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Cheers to The Golden Chordsmen and Barbershop Harmony Society for their annual support over the past 9 years! They have given over $10,000 to St.Amant to help purchase communication devices for people supported by St.Amant!