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Free slurpees bring together St.Amant’s community

August 19, 2021

On August 12, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm a long line of staff, volunteers and people St.Amant supports snaked into the parking lot of 440 River Road. The people in line were waiting to get a free Slurpee from a mobile 7-Eleven truck. As they waited, they caught up with friends they hadn’t seen in months. Many “I’ve missed you!” and “It’s so good to see you again!” were shared.
Rachel and Amanda are supported by St.Amant and they were both very happy to see their friends. “I got a Cherry Dr Pepper Slurpee and—hey that’s Daryl! Hi Daryl!” said Amanda.
Rhyan Abbott who works for the Green Team says, “I’m having a wonderful time! Free Slurpees are great, I got a Slurpuccino!”
Despite the brain freezes, the free Slurpees warmed the hearts of the members of St.Amant’s community.
We are very grateful to 7-Eleven for handing out their famous frozen sweets in recognition of the incredible work our staff has done over the past 17 months of the pandemic.

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