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Help Cole Fight Inflation

November 10, 2022

Inflation. We’ve all heard the word, but what it means for each of us is different. Food. Clothing. Transportation. It all costs more.

Many of us are feeling the pinch, but when you live on a fixed income like many of the people supported by St.Amant, that pinch is more like a squeeze and can feel very defeating. “It’s hard,” says Cole.

Costs are increasing…but Cole’s income isn’t… He needs your help!

Rising prices lead to difficult choices. For some, that might mean eating less expensive, less nutritious food every day. For others, it means buying a bus pass instead of fresh vegetables for the month, or choosing between new mittens and a trip to the movies.

Cole lives on a fixed income, and his costs are rising rapidly… He’s 31 years old and lives alone. Cole says, “I’m still learning how to budget and now groceries and eating out…basically everything costs more. It’s tough.”

Cole once enjoyed going to the YMCA to swim and work out with his support staff, but his membership has lapsed. He also used to go to happy hour at his favorite restaurant, but it’s been months since he’s been there. “Going out chews up his money. He simply can’t afford it,” explains Cole’s dad.

Cole standing near a busy street in Winnipeg.
Cole walking around his neighborhood this fall.

Cole, and many people receiving services from St.Amant, face barriers to employment and rely on government support for life’s basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, as well as any “extras”.

With today’s rising costs, it’s a struggle to pay for the necessities, let alone anything that brings colour and light to people’s lives. Your generosity will help ensure that the “extras” that make life worth living don’t get cut from the budget.

People with disabilities often feel lonely and isolated. Now, add that an afternoon out with friends could lead to running out of food before the end of the month, it’s easy to see how difficult the cycle of solitude and loneliness is to break.

Imagine if… you couldn’t buy groceries for the week.

Imagine if…you couldn’t afford to see your friends.

By donating today, you can help Cole reconnect with the people that are important in his life and give him the chance to live a healthy lifestyle.

YOU CAN help Cole by giving a gift today
YOU CAN help him see his friends again.
YOU CAN make room in his budget for a workout.
YOU CAN fill his fridge with healthy food.

Cole is young and social and wants to go out with his friends but he simply can’t afford it right now. “I like to go Tim Hortons with my friends. It’s been a while since we’ve hung out,” says Cole.

Even free entertainment has transportation costs that might not fit in the budget.

It’s hard to make the effort to meet up with people when your friend doesn’t have enough money for bus fare or regularly uses a food bank in order to have food on the table.

You can help make room in the budget for the important things in life.

You can help ensure that Cole is able to enjoy the small pleasures that bring joy and happiness to his life. It might be coffee with friends, a gym workout, or even just the relief of knowing his pantry is full of nutritious food.

Your gift this holiday season will make a tremendous difference for Cole, and so many others supported by St.Amant.