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Jacqueline’s Story: Savoring the Sounds of Life

Jacqueline’s Story: Savoring the Sounds of Life

November 23, 2021

“I was heartbroken. I missed the sounds of life,” said Jacqueline, her voice cracking. “I don’t know what I would do without the help of donations“.

Jacqueline was born with Apert Syndrome, a genetic disorder characterized by skeletal abnormalities. This has led to dozens of surgeries in her life, and has also caused permanent hearing loss.

Until recently, Jacqueline had been using the same bone anchor hearing aid for over 20 years. Then it suddenly “decided to retire” she says with an ironic chuckle.

The absence of this critical tool meant she couldn’t hear anything. “I missed being able to hear my nephews and my sister. I needed to use my computer to communicate with my family. It was really scary and stressful.”

Not being able to hear the world around her was difficult, and then finding out the cost of a new hearing device was devastating. “I almost fainted,” she said.

Regular health funding does not cover this expense, and her disability income simply can’t cover an unexpected $5,500 expenditure.

Thanks to your support, Jacqueline can get back to the things that are important to her: painting, crafting and writing. She is a prolific artist and she is also writing a book about her life that she hopes to publish in 2022.

The list of specialized equipment needed by people with disabilities is long and costly. Wheelchairs, walkers, glasses, dental work, orthotics…these items make a huge difference to quality of life. Without your support, Jacqueline would still be living in a world filled with silence​.