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Jacqueline’s Story: Finding peace and tranquility

January 7, 2021

Jacqueline will tell you that painting changed her life.
While looking for a hobby, she tried many things, but there is just something about acrylic painting that makes all the difference for Jacqueline. She creates beautiful art, and even more importantly, it supports her mental and physical health in ways that surprised everyone.   
She says “Painting is a way to express myself and helps me deal with the stress and anxiety I have in my life. When I paint, I go into a world of my own.”
Jacqueline was born with Apert Syndrome and is receiving services from St.Amant’s Supported Independent Living program. Apert Syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by skeletal abnormalities and has meant dozens of surgeries in her life. Recent years have brought additional challenges to Jacqueline. She began having two types of seizures, sometimes many in a single day.

The peace and tranquility Jacqueline feels when painting, not only improves her mental health, but her medical practitioners have been amazed at how it has led to a decrease in the number of seizures she has!
“Painting is like a meditation” she says, and it has greatly improved her overall health.
Jacqueline has dreamed of showcasing and selling her art and this recently became a reality. A piece of her art was auctioned during the 2020 St.Amant Party – Camp for 100 and several pieces were showcased in the entrance of the Marion Street Eatery over the holidays. Patrons of The Eatery were able to order gift baskets of local goods and a portion of those proceeds were donated to St.Amant Foundation. These combined efforts and generosity made it possible for Jacqueline to purchase a computer. This will help her stay connected to family, both near and far, and will also give her the opportunity to showcase and sell her art online.