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Jennifer’s Story: Hoping for Connection

May 12, 2020

Meet Jennifer. Jennifer is very outgoing and her days were once filled with activities. Before the COVID-19 crisis hit Manitoba, she attended a day program three days a week, and volunteered at St.Amant the other two weekdays. On weekends, she enjoyed visiting various breweries and bars, swimming and hanging out with her friends. Like all of us, she is missing this routine and the daily outings and social interaction that she used to have.
Your support is needed to help Jennifer stay connected!
Jennifer began receiving support from St.Amant in 2006. In April of 2016, she reached a major milestone as she moved into her very own St. Vital apartment. With guidance from St.Amant’s Supported Independent Living program, she receives help with her job search and resume writing, as well as budgeting, meal planning, shopping and cleaning. Jennifer now lives on her own and has been looking for work in the service industry.
Jennifer needs a computer.
Like all of us, she has been staying home and staying safe and it has been a long time since she has seen any friends or family. She would like to connect with the people she is missing and to video chat with her mom whom she has not seen for several months. A computer will make it possible for her to maintain these important relationships and will keep her connected to family and friends. Her fixed budget makes unexpected expenses extremely challenging. Any large purchases require months, sometimes years, of careful budgeting, but the COVID-19 crisis afforded none of that.
Jennifer says: “I am a likeable person and enjoy being with people, because of COVID-19 it is hard for me to be isolated at home all the time”.
Jennifer is also looking forward to resuming her job hunt soon and she dreams of becoming a server in a restaurant. In order to be best prepared for this opportunity, she needs a computer so she can complete the Smart Choices course online. Thanks to past donor support, she took a bartending course in 2017 and received her bartending certificate. The Smart Choices course will be an excellent complement to this certification and will increase her employability.
At this time of disruption, distancing and uncertainty, staying connected has never been more important. A computer would make a world of difference to Jennifer. Please consider a gift today and help Jennifer stay connected during this challenging time!