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Jessica’s Story: Freedom to Explore

Jessica’s Story: Freedom to Explore

December 10, 2021

Jessica uses a large power wheelchair to get around her home and neighbourhood. This funny, outgoing, dynamic young woman is also an aspiring communications professional and enjoys nothing more than being with friends and family and being a part of the things she loves.

Our community is not built to accommodate her large power chair, and she needs a smaller manual chair when she is out and about.

Jessica’s Story: Freedom to Explore

She’s been using a donated, second-hand chair for many years but it’s become increasingly uncomfortable. It doesn’t fit Jessica well and is now causing her so much pain that she can no longer tolerate it, for even short periods of time.

The lack of a well-fitted manual chair means that Jessica hasn’t been able to get out to do all of the things that are meaningful to her.  She can’t visit her friends in their homes, and family visits have become very challenging. Her power wheelchair doesn’t fit through regular width doorways so without a smaller manual chair, visits to her parents’ home mean her dad must carry her in and place her on the sofa. Lack of mobility means lack of independence, a big change from what Jessica is used to.

Like many items needed by people with a disability, the wheelchair and the customization needed to meet Jessica’s unique physical needs are extremely expensive. Regular health funding only covers the expenses for her larger power chair and, without donor support, managing the cost of a new wheelchair is impossible.

When asked what a new chair means for her she said: “Freedom! Freedom to explore new opportunities without the restrictions that accompany her power chair.”

Your donation will make a world of difference for Jessica! It will enable her to stay connected to her friends and family while maintaining her dignity and autonomy and give her the FREEDOM she deserves!

You can donate on our secure website at stamant.ca/equipment.