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Tips for transitions to the community

Get organized, have a system in place to have all the information you will need during and after the transition. Develop a checklist

Build a team: pull together all the individuals (paid/unpaid caregivers) who will support your youth

Create a transition plan: Together with your youth and the team create a transition plan

Regularly review your youth’s strengths, weakness, likes, dislikes, hopes, visions for the future.

Attend a transition workshop

Together with the transition team, research and plan for your youth’s long-term post-secondary education, vocational skills training and/or employment, if this is an option

When appropriate, talk to your youth about puberty and sexuality

Get a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for the youth. A SIN is needed to work in Canada and to gain access to government programs and benefits.

Check if the youth you support is eligible for the disability tax credit

File your youth’s income taxes

Start a bank account for the youth you support

Start a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for the youth you support and your family

Start Financial planning for the long-term

Research housing options together with the transition team

Apply for social and health supports your youth might be eligible for in the community (e.g., homecare)

Learn about your and the youth’s legal rights and responsibilities (e.g., power of attorney)

Establish a system through which the youth’s health, medical information and follow-ups are recorded and checked regularly

Adapted from the https://findsupportbc.com/timeline/checklist.php?age=8-25

The following guides offer tips and information that might be helpful while planning the transition to adulthood for your child or the individual you support.