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Learning Centre

Parent Information Sessions

Parent information sessions (for parents not in our program)
In collaboration with Autism Outreach
1.5 hour – 2 hours
Power point and discussion

Learning objectives: 

  • learn about the diagnosis and impairments of ASD
  • learn exactly what Applied Behaviour Analysis is and details of the St.Amant Autism programs
  • learn about the Preschool Autism Outreach Services

Synopsis: This workshop is intended for families of a child who has been recently diagnosed with Autism. Parents will receive information on the two publicly funded services that are available to support their child’s development: Preschool Autism Outreach Services and the St.Amant Autism Early Learning Program. The presentation will provide parents with basic information about both services, and assist them in making a choice in service which best meets their families’ needs.

Parent Training Session (for parents currently in the Autism Programs)
Admin portion and Clinical information
Full day for both sections – 9:00 – 4:00
PowerPoint presentation, discussion and role play

Learning objectives:

  • learn about the diagnosis and impairments of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • learn exactly what Applied Behaviour Analysis is and details of the St.Amant Autism Programs
  • learn various strategies for increasing behaviours such as prompting and reinforcement
  • learn about why challenging behaviours may occur and some potential strategies that can be used to decrease challenging behaviour.

Synopsis: This workshop will begin with providing administrative informationan

where our new parents will learn about their team members’ roles & responsibilities, Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) and reporting requirements will be reviewed, the hiring process for Autism Tutors, Child Illness Guidelines, partnership between our program and the family and other general information about the St.Amant Autism Programs. The second portion of the workshop will give parents a better understanding of the basic principles and procedures that will be used to teach their children such as positive reinforcement and prompting strategies. We will cover some information about how to deal with challenging behaviours as well as the importance of data collection.