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Learning Centre

School Age Workshop

(For school staff working with children in Autism Programs at St.Amant)
1-2 days (day 2 is usually for teams to meet with their St.Amant team and plan for the school year.)
Power point presentation, school age video, group activities and discussion

Learning objectives:

  • learn about the diagnosis of ASD and the major areas of impairments
  • learn why challenging behaviours may occur and how to assess them
  • learn how to set goals for your student and teaching strategies proven to be effective with individuals with ASD

Synopsis: This workshop gives attendees some information on the diagnosis, prevalence and areas of impairments in individuals with ASD. Basic data collection techniques will be reviewed so that attendees can learn to assess challenging behaviour and plan to treat them based on their function. This workshop will cover a variety of strategies shown to be effective in increasing desirable behaviours (i.e., positive reinforcement, proactive strategies) as well as how to set goals for students with ASD and how to evaluate their progress using data. The second day of the workshop is usually used for school staff to meet with their St.Amant team members to plan for possible student goals and plan for the school year.