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Life-Changing Technology for Children with Autism

January 19, 2023

Communication is a fundamental human right and can be challenging for some children with autism. Communication helps build meaningful connections with friends and convey their needs and wants to those around them!

Some children with autism can face barriers in building those meaningful connections and communicating what’s most important to them, without specialized communication tools.

Thanks to your donations, several iPads have been purchased, along with specialty communication apps, for use in the St.Amant Autism Programs’ Early Learning classrooms.

These tools provide the children an alternative way to communicate – tools that help them connect with their teachers and friends! An iPad is assigned to one child in the morning and shared with another child to use in the afternoon session. This means each iPad assists two children each day – all because of your generous support!

This new technology, provided by your thoughtful donations, helps children with autism build meaningful relationships, it helps them voice their thoughts, opinions and emotions in their own unique way!
Staff in the classroom, and their families, have seen children learn a range of skills when they have access to these devices. From expressing their personality and emotions by telling others when they are “sad”, “mad”, and “happy”, to spelling out words and independently requesting to use the bathroom, this makes a world of difference!

Additionally, the iPads have opened up opportunities for children to participate in different group activities such as during circle time and calendar activities. This sets them up for success when they start school. What could be better?

The technology you have provided will continue to support many children in the upcoming years. Thank you for making a difference in their lives!