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Matthew’s Story: Receiving a Sense of Purpose

Matthew’s Story: Receiving a Sense of Purpose

March 29, 2022

Having a job gives Matthew a sense of purpose and spending money for independence. It’s because of you that Matthew still has a job. Every week he delivers flyers in his neighbourhood. As winter approached, Matthew didn’t have the gear needed for deliveries. With your support, he purchased boots, gloves, and a warm jacket, plus a sled to pull flyers.

“I wouldn’t have been able to finish my route or keep my job,” Matthew said.

Your generosity gives Matthew the dignity to buy the things he wants that don’t fit into his tight budget. With his paycheque, he can do spontaneous things, buy new clothes, or purchase gifts and treats. Plus, he can download games for his iPad, go to the movies, play bowling, and have fun at the casino.

Matthew also values being a presence in his neighbourhood and the exercise that comes with the job. He relaxes knowing he has the right gear to take on winter.

“Thank you, I truly appreciate your help,” Matthew beamed.