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Message to Health & Transition Services Families – October 9, 2020

October 9, 2020

We’re happy to share there have been no additional COVID-19 cases in the Health & Transition Services community. We will continue to let you know if your loved one develops symptoms and requires a test for COVID-19. Public Health has set a tentative date of Friday, October 16 as the end of 440 River Road’s outbreak status.
Visitation can now occur in all areas of Health & Transition Services with the following guidelines:
• Two designated family caregivers may visits, one at a time, preferably outdoors (in your loved one’s room continues to be an option, however, outdoors remains the safest option).
• This will continue even after the outbreak is over as we will be in an ORANGE response to align with the Public Health directive for Winnipeg and the surrounding metro area.
• Non-medical masks must be worn, and if your loved one has additional precautions in place you will be required to wear the PPE that aligns with those precautions (our staff will help you).
• Out of an abundance of caution, our front door screening staff will be checking the temperatures of ALL people, including visitors, entering 440 River Road. Previously, only direct care staff were required to have their temperatures checked. This will be done with a contactless, infrared thermometer. A volunteer will still be available to escort you to your loved one’s room after you go through the screening process.
Finally, as we continue to navigate service delivery through the pandemic, and as we are coming into flu season, our Infection, Prevention & Control role is even more critical to the safety and wellbeing of all of the people we support and staff. Lisa Larocque, who is responsible for Infection Prevention & Control, will now focus full time on those responsibilities and the management responsibilities for Adult Services will shift to Sheena Brown (Manager for Stabilization Services) for the interim. You can reach Sheena at: 204-256-4301 ext. 4244.
People supported are enjoying the beautiful fall weather and are being kept busy by our dedicated team.
I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I know how this holiday feels different, but I hope you take some time this weekend to reflect on all the things to be thankful for.
I’m thankful for your patience and support as we navigate together all the challenges the pandemic throws at us.
Sarah Mankelow
Director, Health & Transition Services

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