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Autism Services

The St.Amant Autism Programs uses Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles to teach children with the goal of improving socially important behaviours.

Several decades of research supports the effectiveness of ABA and it is currently considered best practice for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) intervention.

Our goal is to make learning an enjoyable experience for children with ASD and their families. We provide effective, individualized programming that encourages the child’s participation in their family and community life.

Our programs are funded by the Province of Manitoba to provide support to children diagnosed with ASD.

Children in the Autism Early Learning Program can participate in Comprehensive or Focused Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention in a home, daycare, or site-based setting for up to two years plus up to one year of less intensive programming until the September of the year the child turns five.

Children participating in the Autism School-Age Learning Program can participate in intervention for up to one year to support the transition into the school system.

To learn more about the Autism Early Learning Program or the Autism School-Age Learning Program, please see the menu on the left.

Download The Early Learning Application Package

For more information contact Centralized Intake at 204-256-4301 ext. 7041.