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Is my child eligible ?

For preschool services, children under the age of 5 years who reside in Manitoba and have a confirmed diagnosis of Autism, Autistic Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Pervasive Development Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) or Asperger’s Syndrome are eligible for services from the Autism Preschool Program.

For school age services, the children must have participated in an Autism preschool program. For more information please contact your representative.

What happens if my child is currently attending a daycare or nursery school ?

The program follows established readiness criteria for entry into organized programs such as daycare and nursery school. Upon initial assessment, the clinical consultant will make a recommendation regarding a child’s participation in these environments. The goal for programming in daycare and nursery school is to have a child as integrated, independent and successful as possible. To meet this goal, the unique opportunities provided by one on one instruction in the home is utilized to maximize advancement of language and communication, academic learning, self-help skills, socialization and play prior to entering the daycare or nursery school environment. While there are no set guidelines for all programs beginning solely in the home, or for how long a child will learn only in the home environment, programs typically begin in the family home (or suitable alternative). Programming occurs within nursery school and daycare environments at an appropriate time for each child, and in a planned manner.

Can my child attend school while receiving preschool services from the Program?

Children attending elementary school (public or privately-funded) are not eligible to receive services from the St.Amant Autism preschool program.

Can my family take vacations at any time in the year ?

Because intensity and consistency are important characteristics of the effectiveness of applied behaviour analysis for children with autism, the program requires that families limit time away from the program to three planned weeks per calendar year. Two weeks in the summer leading up to the August civic holiday as well as one week during the December holiday season are observed as program break periods.

Can I have less than 31 hours a week of tutors working with my child ?

Although there are occasions during which a child’s availability if limited (for example, due to illness or medical appointments) the program strives to provide 31 hours of session time weekly to each child. Permanent reductions occur only as part of transitional plans upon program exit, upon the recommendation of the clinical consultant.

Can the children of full time working or single parents still be in the Program?

Absolutely. Although the program requires that a suitable child caregiver to be present in the home during sessions with St.Amant staff, it is not required that it be a parent/legal guardian. The program works in a variety of environments, circumstances and arrangements, and families are urged to speak to program staff about their particular needs. The program is proudly committed to working creatively to provide programming to all families desiring the service and willing to partner with St.Amant.

If I move within the city or to another area in the Province, do I lose the Program?

No. All families are eligible, regardless of area of residence within the province. In the event a family moves, there may be some change to their team membership based on their new location, however the program will work to minimize the effects of the move on the child’s program.

Can I decide what days and times the sessions are conducted for my child?

Although many important aspects of each child’s program are individualized, certain aspects, such as days and hours of sessions and clinic meetings or overlaps are not. Individual start and end times may vary slightly, but in general, preschool sessions follow a Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM format. This closely mimics a typical daycare or school day.

School age clinic meetings & overlaps generally follow a Monday – Friday, 4pm – 6pm format.

Can I choose my regular clinic meeting and senior tutor overlap day?

Unfortunately no. Because each consultant and senior tutor works with other children, schedules for days of service are based on openings within their set schedules.

Does the program provide diagnosis?

Not at this time.

Do you have a question that is not answered here? For more information contact St.Amant’s Autism Inquiries Line at 204-258-7041.