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Behavioural Services

Behavioral Services aims to increase positive behaviours and replace behaviours of concern. Our services typically involve two phases – assessment and treatment.

During behavioural assessment, our team conducts in-depth interviews with caregivers and observes the individual as they engage in their daily living activities. Caregivers receive a checklist to record information on behaviours that cause concern. Additional assessments are completed as needed and might include direct assessments with the individual. The final step in the assessment process is a report that details results and recommendations. If caregivers choose to continue, the treatment phase begins.

Treatment involves teaching caregivers to implement a reinforcement program to increase positive behaviours and prevent and decrease negative behaviours. Caregivers record information on a checklist which the consultant graphs and summarizes.

To start the process, training and consultation is provided weekly in the individual’s natural setting. Our involvement gradually decreases as caregivers become more comfortable and skilled at implementing recommendations.

Additional intervention such as anger management training is provided as needed.

Individuals are often referred to Behavioural Services when they display noncompliance, aggressive behaviours (to individuals and property), self-injurious behaviors, disruptive behaviors and inappropriate verbal behaviours.

Following assessment and treatment, individuals frequently show increased compliance and independence in daily living activities including toileting, dressing, bedtime and mealtime routines; positive social behaviors; positive play behaviors and anger management skills.

For more information please contact Central Intake at 204-258-7041 or intake@stamant.ca.