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Transitioning To The Community

St.Amant’s 2013-2018 strategic plan includes the goal of transitioning 15 people (who do not require 24-hour medical care) per year from our developmental centre on River Road to community living. This has been a goal for many years, and we have just received support for our funders to make these transitions happen.

We know that transition from our developmental centre to community homes works because we’ve been helping individuals and families transition for over 35 years, in fact the Grey Nuns built some of the first group homes in Winnipeg and we now have 70 homes with 180 people living in them. So we’ve got the experience to do more of this – successfully.

Despite all of our positive experiences we still wanted to make sure our next stage of transition was the right path; so, we researched the best practices around the world and across Canada. And more importantly we spoke with 750 people right here – including individuals supported by St.Amant. And based on all their advice we know we’re on the right path.

Transitioning people to homes where they can have their own bedrooms, own a pet, live in a quieter setting, walk around a neighbourhood, help make their own meals – that’s what we dream for them to have too – things WE all take for granted.

We know that change is hard. We are committed to supporting families and walking through this process with them – as we have for over 35 years when individuals have transitioned out of River Road Place. Some of those families were nervous at first, which we understand completely, because change is hard. Now, they can’t imagine a different life for their family member.

The reality is that River Road Place was built many years ago and our ability to deliver the best possible care to supported persons has reached its maximum. We think there really is a better life waiting for people in the community.