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St.Amant acknowledges that we are on Treaty 1 Territory, the traditional gathering place of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene people and the traditional homeland of the Métis people. Read More



  • Jarrid Loves a Good Mystery!

  • May 10, 2022
  • Thanks to your donation, Jarrid now has new mysteries to solve during the St.Amant APPLE program. APPLE is an acronym for Adult Program: People Learning Everyday. This class combines learning, literacy, and socializing. Facilitators Denise and Ed tailor class content to the interests of their participants. Your recent support helped to purchase new learning tools.

    These items make learning more tangible, interactive, and FUN. A new digital microscope connects to the smartboard and shows clear, close-up imagery. This is perfect for examining things like plant roots and insects. New puzzle games and a murder mystery case encourage finding solutions, and the inflatable solar system and constellation projector turns the classroom into a planetarium.

    “Ed and I are trying to make learning fun and interactive and these tools help bring everything together.

    The expression on their faces says it all,” declared Denise. Thank you for making learning more fun!

  • You Built Confidence & Connections

  • May 3, 2022
  • Jackie is a Special Olympics alpine skier, crafter extraordinaire, and has a passion for healthy eating and exercise. She receives services from St.Amant’s Supported Independent Living program and has enjoyed many of the virtual cooking and crafting workshops offered since the pandemic began.
    St.Amant Foundation donors made those classes and 100+ other virtual recreation opportunities possible last year! There have been virtual dance parties, trivia nights, paint nights, cooking classes, bingo games, a garden club, and so much more.
    Real friendships emerged and self-esteem improved! People started making plans outside of the scheduled events to connect. They also made suggestions for future events and some folks offered to host their own event, including Jackie.
    Cupcakes may not be part of her regular training diet, but Jackie hosted a cupcake decorating class that allowed her to showcase her skills and build confidence as a presenter. This confidence will serve her well as she trains with the Special Olympics Team Canada 2022 Training Squad.
    Thank you for making this possible!

  • St.Amant Recognized as a Top Manitoba Employer for the Eleventh Time

  • April 19, 2022
  • Two years into the pandemic, St.Amant continues to adapt to the challenges and embrace the opportunities it provides. We still ensure the best possible service for the people we support. 

    This is the eleventh year that St.Amant is being recognized as a top Manitoba employer. Its investments in people continue to pay off as the pandemic evolves. The culture that has been nurtured across the organization has allowed them to step up to make sure the 2,200 people supported have their needs met with the safety measures in place.

    “I personally have been quite overwhelmed by the good that I’ve seen. Each of us cares deeply about our work and the people we are supporting and our response to the pandemic demonstrates our caring, compassion, and commitment. I truly cannot find the words to say thank you to all of our staff. The inspiration and respect I feel for each of you is enormous,” said John Leggat, president and chief executive officer.

    Since the pandemic started, weekly communications have been shared providing updates on new public health guidelines, new infection control protocols for various program areas, as well as mental health resources available to staff. PPE is continually provided to staff to keep them safe. 

    Some staff work from home with the help of laptops provided to them. Reliable technology solutions are provided by St.Amant’s IT services team to employees across the province. Town halls continue to be live-streamed and archived, along with hosting a virtual focus group after the events to receive feedback from staff to ensure the town halls are meeting their needs.

    Listening to our employees has led to the development of an extensive mental health resources page on our intranet, as well an inclusion & diversity page that states the organization is committed to an environment that is safe, inclusive, and allows all people to achieve their full potential.

    St.Amant was once known as a place where people with disabilities would spend most of their lives. Today, 85 percent of St.Amant’s work happens in Manitoba communities and in Winnipeg neighbourhoods; not inside the original buildings at 440 River Road in St. Vital. As a large, multi-faceted resource for Manitobans with developmental disabilities and autism, the organization now employs over 1,800 staff. 

    The 440 River Road location is a place where people come to receive short-term health and stabilization services before they return to their homes.

    The more than 700 staff in St.Amant’s community residential program not only provide basic daily life supports, they also enable and advocate for meaningful social inclusion opportunities, jobs, and friendships in approximately 80 homes.

    St.Amant has four community-based early learning autism sites with an additional classroom expected to open soon. 

    The pandemic has not stopped the organization from working with children and families in nearly 50 First Nations communities across Manitoba through Jordan’s Principle. The various members of the team use their skills and passions and provide support through videos and mail. They also have begun flying back into the northern communities.

    St.Amant is also fortunate to have an occupational health team to screen staff and answer questions they may have regarding the pandemic or COVID-19 vaccine. They dispel myths that cause anxiety. St.Amant staff were also able to receive COVID-19 vaccine doses onsite or at drive-thru clinics (first in Manitoba) outside our head office. 

    A consistent pillar of St.Amant is a strong focus on personalized and ongoing professional development, with continuous opportunities for staff to enjoy long-term, rewarding career growth. The team that sustains St.Amant’s culture of learning now works from home and has used this time to expand the capacity of the online learning system that develops our staff. Training at St.Amant covers a range of topics, from safety and health, to accessibility and human rights, to critical incident stress management.

    Staff practice mindfulness at St.Amant in formal and informal ways. St.Amant encourages staff to perform it daily, by starting most meetings with a “mindful moment” and offers training opportunities throughout the year. St.Amant recognizes the scientifically-proven positive benefits and the fact that we can all use a deep breath now and then to keep our day on track.

    Last summer, thirty staff representing all work areas were invited to participate in a campaign thanking all staff for being “healthcare heroes”. Professional photos were taken, branded graphics were added, and the final product was shared daily on social media and on our intranet. We know we can never thank our staff enough for what they’ve done but we will keep doing so.

    To explore St.Amant, check out their Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and browse all the exciting career opportunities at stamant.ca/jobs.


  • Update to St.Amant Families – April 14, 2022

  • April 14, 2022
  • Dear St.Amant Families,

    There never seems to be a dull moment in our province! I want to let you know that our teams worked hard to quickly pull together excellent storm plans, ensuring that food, supplies, medication and staffing were arranged before the snow started. Our staff rallied to support overtime requests and came to work with overnight bags packed, more than willing to stay as needed. We also a number of local restaurants send food over as a thank you to staff for all of their work and in anticipation of long hours.

     Luckily, the spring storm hasn’t been as ferocious as originally forecast and travel within the city has been manageable.

    We continue to see positive Covid cases pop up in all program areas. Our staff is closely monitoring all people we support residentially for symptoms and following all protocols.

    The province announced that booster shots are now available for children 12–18 years of age. Our teams are coordinating boosters as required and we encourage you to support anyone in your family who qualifies to arrange their booster shots.

    I hope that everyone has a peaceful and joyful holiday weekend. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all who celebrate.

    John Leggat
    President & CEO

  • Update to Health & Transitions Services Families – April 13, 2022

  • April 13, 2022
  • Good Afternoon Families,
    I hope you are all doing well and are able to be somewhere safe as Manitoba rides out this blizzard of the decade!
    I wanted to take this opportunity to give you an update about Health and Transition Services. We have been planning carefully in advance of this storm to be sure we have adequate staff in place. We can confirm so far that we have appropriate Nursing, Resident Assistant and Recreation staffing for evenings and nights today. Staff are making their way in through the snow and many have offered to work overtime, shift after shift. We are so grateful for their support. Rest assured that our Management team will continue to meet regularly to evaluate our staffing needs so your loved ones are well cared for.
    In addition to this inclement weather, Covid continues to be monitored on a regular basis. We are seeing many of the people we support improving and coming off isolation. We are happy to announce that Child and Young Adult Health Services is over their outbreak. Your loved ones will soon be able to resume some activities with careful planning. We do however continue to see some people we support develop Covid symptoms. We are testing those individuals as required.

    Unfortunately, we have now declared an outbreak on Adult Health Services East. We will continue to monitor this situation regularly and will be sure to let you know as soon as this is resolved.

    At this time we continue to support virtual visits as needed. If you would like to schedule a virtual visit with your loved one, please connect with service area staff or the manager to assist in coordinating.
    We welcome the day when families can freely visit again; when this Covid wave calms down and warm weather comes our way.
    In the meantime, we want to extend our best wishes of peace and happiness to all of you for this coming Easter Weekend.
    Thank you and please reach out any time if you have any questions or concerns.

    Jennifer Busch
    Senior Manager, Health & Transition Services