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  • Focus group on supports for individuals with an intellectual disability facing dementia

  • June 16, 2017
  • Manitobans with an intellectual disability are growing older and are facing dementia but experience exclusion from supports and services available to the general population. Your input and direction is required on a draft provincial Framework for Quality Community Supports for People Living with an Intellectual Disability and Dementia. The Framework will guide efforts to address this growing need.

    The existing Manitoba Framework for Alzheimer Disease and Other Dementias fails to fully recognize or address the unique needs of people with an intellectual disability and dementia. In response to common concerns expressed by community living agencies, a working group formed and developed the draft document to set a course for advocacy and service development.

    In order to be a provincial strategy, we must gather perspectives and input from families and support network members. Your attendance at a focus group will raise awareness, help determine priority issues and actions and further a commitment to move forward.

    The focus group in Winnipeg will be on June 27, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. until noon, at 120 Maryland Street. If you would like to contribute but daytime does not work for you please let us know as we are open to having a second group in an evening if there is sufficient interest.

    Please call (204) 786-1414 or (204) 779-1679 by June 19, 2017 to register. We are also including a document summarizing the content of the Framework so you can come prepared to contribute.

    Quality Community Supports Framework

  • After-Hours Meal Options at 440 River Road

  • June 9, 2017
  • With new St.Amant Café hours set to start on Monday, June 12, after-hours meal options have been developed along with a new procedure for catering orders. Please let your staff and family members know about the after-hours options available.

    The St.Amant Café’s new hours are 7:45 am – 2:30 pm, Monday – Sunday.

    Meal options after 2:30 pm

    • Individuals can order meal items for take-out from the St.Amant Café prior to 2:30pm.
    • Frozen entrées may be purchased from the vending area and microwaved.
    • Items may be purchased from the Café Cart, located at the bottom of the ramp in the cafeteria, from 2:30 pm – 7pm weekdays.
    •  At this time, the weekend hours of the Café Cart are 2:30 pm – 5 pm (until volunteers can be found to staff the cart until 7pm).
    • The Café Cart will sell coffee, tea, soup, fruit, chips and baked items and will accept cash only.



  • Red River College Offers Prep Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • June 7, 2017
  • If you are a student attending Red River College and identify as a person with autism, they invite you to participate in the START STRONG! program to prepare you for your college experience.

    The program consists of six sessions, running from August to October, delivered in a group setting. A variety of topics relating to succeeding in a post-secondary environment will be explored including:

    • The Difference between High School and College
    • Time Management
    • Anxiety and Stress Management
    • Financial Planning
    • Disclosure and Self-Advocacy
    • Dealing with Conflict
    • Succeeding Socially
    • Assertiveness
    • Requesting Accommodations

    Learn more about Start Strong! by attending the Information Session on: June 21, 2017,  from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at the Notre Dame Campus.

    To confirm your attendance at the Information Session, please call Jennifer at 204.632.3966.

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  • Vote on Canadian Autism Partnership happens today

  • May 30, 2017
  •  Yesterday that the Liberal government announced it is planning to oppose the Canadian Autism Partnership motion this afternoon at 2 p.m. CT, with Liberal backbenchers allowed a free vote.

    With a few hours until that vote, it is incredibly important that as many Canadians as possible take these simple actions ASAP:

    1.       Please share this FB post calling on Canadians to make their voice heard to their Liberal MPs. Make sure to tag your own Liberal MP, or the one closest to you, in your post.

    2.       Call the Ottawa office of Liberal MPs from your city or region. You can find contact information here. Make sure to leave a message if you get voicemail.

    3.       Forward this e-mail to friends and family to spread the word!

    4.       If you’re on Twitter, please RT this supportive tweet from Liberal Senator Jim Munson.

    You can watch the vote happen live, following Question Period, at CPAC.ca at 2 p.m. CT today.

  • St.Amant Café Changes

  • May 19, 2017
  • Marek’s contract officially ends June 11 and St.Amant Nutrition Services will again be operated completely by St.Amant staff and management, including catering. Since announcing the termination of Marek’s contract, we have completed a review of the Café operations in our continued efforts to reduce expenses and ensure that St.Amant is operating as efficiently as possible. As a government funded agency, this is in line with our government funder’s priorities as well as with our own mission to ensure that our funding is used appropriately for people supported by St.Amant.

    The review demonstrated that there are very few sales in the afternoon in the Café and that the number and variation of meals purchased suggest that a reduced menu would be more appropriate. Considering these results we are making a few key changes that will begin on June 12, 2017, they are:

    Hours & Menu

    Café Hours: the new Café hours are 7:45 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. everyday

    Café Menu: Many old favorites will be brought back along with some exciting new entrees.  We will continue to offer made-to-order salads, but all wraps and sandwiches will be pre-made, in-house by St.Amant employees and packaged for quicker, more convenient service. There will be one less entrée per day and a smaller grill menu.

    Most important is that all items will continue to be made fresh in-house.

    Additions: New to the menu will be: pizza Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and new soup specials that will include a fresh baked bun or scone, etc. The Café will have the addition of vending machines for frozen entrees and coffee as an option for people working or visiting after café hours.

    New Service

    Coffee Cart: St.Amant is looking at starting various social enterprises including a coffee cart. This cart would potentially sell coffee, tea and a few baked items and could operate after the Café closes as well as offer morning and afternoon rounds in the secondary building. The details are not finalized, but this is in the works. This enterprise will give people with disabilities the opportunity to learn job skills, gain experience and earn a wage.


    Credit/Debit: Although we anticipate a smooth changeover from Marek back to St.Amant, we are ordering a new debit/credit card machine and plan for it to be operational on June 12 (barring no delays). There will be a small fee for use of the debit/credit machine, still to be determined

    Marek Club Cards: We will continue to honour the Marek Club Cards already in use, but will stop handing them out today.

    Prepaid Cards: These will be discontinued, so the balance on existing cards should be used prior to June 11, 2017.  The option to load additional funds onto the PPD cards will be removed in the near future, however it is highly recommended that loading of additional funds to these cards end immediately, to avoid the risk of having an unused balance on a card that is no longer valid. We will continue to accept the cards as payment until the switchover on June 11.

    We are grateful to the Nutrition Services team for their flexibility, creativity and openness to these changes. Thank you for your patience during the transition.

    We know that this is a change for families and visitors and have consulted with some family members about the change and are open to feedback.

    If you have any questions, you can contact rquinn@stamant.ca or ext. 2285.