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  • Appreciation Day is March 21 for staff & volunteers

  • March 1, 2017
  • Appreciation Day 2017

    Appreciation Day 2017 for St.Amant staff and volunteers will take place on Tuesday, March 21.

    From 9:30am – 1 pm, 4:30 pm – 6pm & 11:30 pm – 2:30 am…

    snacks and refreshments will be available for day, evening and night staff in the St.Amant Cafe.

    Arrangements have been made to have items delivered to the home or work site of those working in the community.

    The day is organized annually by the Appreciation & Recognition Committee.

  • Register for Mindful Self-Compassion classes

  • February 28, 2017
  • Most of us struggle to be kind to ourselves. When you’re a parent and caregiver in addition to all of the other roles you play in your life, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and overlook the caring attention you need.

    A shift in the direction of your attention—recognizing that as a human being, you too are a worthy recipient of compassion can make a huge difference in your life. St.Amant is hosting an 8-week program that will teach practices that have the power to radically transform the way you relate to yourself and your life.

    In this program, you’ll learn:
    • how to stop being so hard on yourself
    • how to handle difficult emotions with greater ease
    • how to motivate yourself with encouragement rather than criticism
    • how to transform difficult relationships, both old and new
    • mindfulness and self-compassion practices for home and everyday life
    • the theory and research behind mindful self-compassion
    • how to become your own best teacher

    April 5 Orientation (mandatory)
    April 12 – May 31 Wednesdays, 6 – 8:30 pm
    May 6 Half-day retreat, 9 am – 1 pm

    A sliding scale fee ensures our programs are accessible. Please consider paying at the level you can afford. Fees for similar programs can be upwards of $500. Minimum of $50 for materials and if you can afford it a donation is requested. Registration is open to anyone.

    Facilitators are Dr. Michael McIntyre and Jennifer Kilimnik.

    For more information contact Audrey Beaudry 204-256-4301 ext. 2320.


    “A Moment of Self-Compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life.”
    -Christopher K. Germer

  • Manitoba Moose launch Autism Awareness campaign again with St.Amant

  • 1617MOOSE094_AutismAwarenessDigital_Eblast

    St.Amant is proud to be the charity partner for the Manitoba Moose’s Autism Awareness campaign, highlighted by Autism Awareness Night, presented by Red River Co-op on Friday, March 24 at 7 p.m.

    Throughout the month of March, leading up to Autism Awareness Night, limited edition player puzzles will be on sale at all eight Moose home games. The puzzles feature Moose players Eric Comrie, Patrice Cormier, Chase De Leo, Quinton Howden, JC Lipon and Jack Roslovic.  Each puzzle is autographed by the player it features and will be available for $20.  Every fan purchasing a puzzle will be entered into a draw to win a Manitoba Moose Autism Awareness jersey.

    Autism Awareness Night on March 24 will feature the Moose wearing special edition Autism Awareness jerseys involving a puzzle piece design.  Select player jerseys will be auctioned off at the game with the rest available online in the days following the game.  Net proceeds from the Autism Awareness jerseys and player puzzle sales will be donated to the St.Amant Autism Program.

    Through last year’s Manitoba Moose partnership, St.Amant Autism Classrooms received over $16,000 toward outfitting the classrooms at Wall Street and 440 River Road with smartboards, leap pad learning games, iPads, toys and decorations.

    Tickets for Manitoba Moose Autism Awareness Night on Friday, March 24 are available at moosehockey.com/tickets.

  • Improve your French skills this spring

  • February 14, 2017
  • Santé en français via the Université de Saint-Boniface, provides French courses to employees working in designated bilingual health and social services organizations and facilities recognized under a service agreement. The following information is reserved for persons responsible for implementing quality French language services in these organizations and facilities.

    Due to high demand and limited resources, certain eligibility criteria apply. To be eligible for French language training, employees must:

    • Be employed in a designated bilingual position, facility or program.
    • Be employed in a permanent position that has direct contact with patients, residents, or the general public.
    • Be committed to actively participating in French language training in order to achieve the level required to provide an active offer of quality French services within a limited timeframe.

    For information on eligibility requirements, how to apply and other details about this service, please refer to the downloadable documents at the bottom of this page, including the application form.

    All of the courses are offered in St. Boniface and run from April 2017 to June 2017.

    Courses are available four days a week, Mondays to Thursdays. The deadline to register is March 22, 2017. The registration fee is $50 but if you register by March 10 and you could win back your fee! For more information contact St.Amant’s French Language and Cultural Services Coordinator, Agnès Champagne, at achampagne@stamant.ca.

  • Sargent Park School students deliver 200 valentine’s to St.Amant

  • February 13, 2017
  • FullSizeRender[1]Students from Sargent Park School delivered valentines to people like Sophia (centre), a toddler with complex medical needs supported by St.Amant.

    Grade 5 & 6 students from Sargent Park School’s Peace Group dropped off 200 valentine’s today to people supported by St.Amant.

    The Peace Group performs random acts of kindness and for Valentine’s Day decided to create valentines for people like Sophia, who has complex medical needs.

    These valentines will bring smiles to many people supported by St.Amant.