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  • Make Your Pledge with Orange Shirt Day Activity Sheet

  • September 30, 2020
  • The St.Amant Jordan’s Principle team and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee has provided an Orange Shirt Day activity sheet that allows for learning and reflection as well as an opportunity for creativity for all ages.

    Download Activity Sheet

    Decorate your own orange shirt with the supplies you have at home.
    Trace your hand, and draw or write something inside the hand showing your promise to what YOU can do to help others feel like they matter. Every Child Matters.

    Once you are finished decorating your new shirt talk to someone about how you would feel if your new shirt was taken away when you started school. This loss is one experienced by many children who entered residential school.

    Show your finished art in your window, on your fridge, or take a picture and tag St.Amant on social media or email MCommodore@stamant.ca.

    Submit your entries by noon on Monday, October 5. You’ll be entered to win a copy of David A. Robertson’s book “When We Were Alone” and a NuTrendz purse.

    We all as a community can keep the conversation going this year in even more creative ways that are reconciliation in action.

  • COVID-19 in Community Residential Program

  • September 25, 2020
  • We have become aware that someone we support residentially within the Community Residential Program has tested positive for COVID-19. If this affected your family member, you would have already received a phone call from the program staff.

    The person who is ill is moving temporarily to another home while they recover and to minimize the spread of infection within their home. We are working closely with Public Health as they move through the contact tracing process. At this time, they have advised that the other housemates will need to self-isolate for 14 days and they will be sending a mobile tester out within the next few days to test them for COVID-19. Public Health is also contacting all staff who have been working in the home to identify whether they also need to self-isolate and be tested.

    • The precautions we had proactively put in place to minimize exposure as soon as there were any symptoms will remain in place:
    • All staff are wearing full protective equipment to further prevent any potential transmission between staff members and residents. 
    • If anyone begins to show symptoms, they will be isolated from everyone else within the home and tested right away for COVID-19.

    We continue to use enhanced cleaning protocols within the home.

    I want to thank all of the staff working in the affected home for their support and compassion through this case. All of our thoughts are with the person who is ill – hoping for a full and quick recovery.

  • COVID-19 Positive at 440 River Road

  • September 24, 2020
  • We have recently become aware of a volunteer who worked within the main building at 440 River Road (area of the building that uses the main entrance doors) who has tested positive for COVID-19. The volunteer was not in direct contact with people we support and wore a mask at all times while in the building. The volunteer last worked September 18 during the day. We hope they have a quick recovery.

    At this time, the risk of transmission has been deemed low and no one within our organization was identified as a close contact through the contact tracing process.

    We are working with Public Health on contact tracing and anyone who is considered a contact will receive a call and additional instructions.

    This does mean that Health & Transition Services’ outbreak status will be extended an additional 28 days (this is automatic with any confirmed case).

    If any new information becomes available, we will share that information with you.

  • Update to Health & Transition Services Families re: COVID-19 Positive Case

  • September 15, 2020
  • Good evening,

    It’s been a busy couple of days, but I wanted to take a minute to share a few updates related to the positive COVID-19 case within Health & Transition Services. Today, we completed the contact tracing and I’m happy to say that there was only one additional staff person identified as a potential close contact. That person is not showing any symptoms and is home, self-isolating for 14 days.
    All the people we support continue to be symptom-free and we are monitoring them closely multiple times a day. As with all potential exposures, we will be doing this frequent monitoring for 14 days.
    Staff continues to be diligent with the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment, physical distancing, hand hygiene, self-screening for symptoms before coming to work, and staying home when ill.
    Your family members are in good spirits and are being well supported to maintain recreation and leisure activities and to live as normally as possible.
    Thank you for your messages of compassion and support – we are very grateful to all of you for your kindness and understanding.
    Sarah Mankelow
    Director, Health & Transition Services

  • Response to COVID-19 Positive Employee

  • We have recently become aware of a health-care worker in Health & Transition Services who has tested positive for COVID-19.  The employee works nights within Adult Services (first floor) and last worked on September 10.

    All of St.Amant’s Program and Service areas have pandemic response plans and are prepared to act immediately should a positive case be identified in staff or someone we support. Each program/service also has precautions in place to prevent the spread of illness, which as we know, makes a huge difference to the potential risk of transmission.

    Our staff within Health & Transition Services have been working closely with Public Health to complete a risk assessment and to support contact tracing. They have also called all Health & Transition Services families to share information and called and emailed with updates to ensure that families have the most up to date information possible. At this time, no one supported through Health & Transition Services is showing any symptoms.

    Although the risk level is considered low, out of an abundance of caution, Public Health has declared this one case as an outbreak. They have advised that Health & Transition Service’s response level on the Pandemic Response System will be elevated to “critical” or “red” effective immediately. We are not surprised to hear this as it is the same level of recommendation other long-term care facilities have received.

    What this means for Health & Transition Services is:

    • We are suspending all admissions and rescheduling respite stays.
    • We are restricting visitation as per the Provincial Guidelines and canceling all visits for Adult Services (first floor) until contact tracing is complete and the situation has stabilized. Virtual visits are still available.
    • One designated visitor will be permitted for all other units.
    • We are completing a deep clean of the Adult Services area and all common areas.
    • We are temporarily limiting non-essential movement of residents off the Adult Services units until things stabilize
    • We will continue to limit staff movement between areas as much as possible.
    • We are cancelling all external clinics that serve Health & Transition Services residents temporarily.
    • We are moving back to virtual rounds for Adult Services.
    • We continue to support good hand hygiene and physical distancing.

    The affected employee is isolating and is doing well. We wish the employee a speedy and safe recovery and look forward to their healthy return to work.

    We are very grateful to all of the staff within Health & Transition Services for their quick, compassionate response. And we are also very grateful for the efficient and informative support from Public Health.