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  • Hilary Druxman Launches “Distinctive Values” Necklace to Support St.Amant Foundation

  • November 19, 2019
  • Today, Winnipeg’s top jewelry designer, Hilary Druxman, released this gorgeous – and affordable – signature necklace designed for St.Amant, just in time for the season of giving! 

    The sterling silver necklace is named Distinctive Values, and is inspired by the distinctive tusks of elephants large and small. Tusks are used for digging, lifting, gathering food and to help elephants to defend themselves and family members.

    Like humans, elephants are social, devoted and loving. They communicate through language and touch and form life-long bonds with friends.

    St.Amant supports people with developmental disabilities and autism through a wide range of supports and services that honour inclusion, connection and well-being and the two tusks symbolize these shared values.

    Purchasing this necklace will help strengthen friendships and bring meaningful experiences into the lives of the 2000 people who are supported by St.Amant Foundation.

    Sterling silver tusk pendant on a 16-18″ chain. $40.00 (tax included)

    Purchase from St.Amant’s front reception, beginning Wednesday, November 20 or order online at bit.ly/DruxmanStAmant.

  • Fall 2019 Town Hall Videos Now Available

  • November 12, 2019
  • In case you missed it or want to rewatch it again, St.Amant’s latest Town Hall is available to watch below.


    Question & Answers


  • St.Amant Leisure Guide accepting activity proposals

  • November 10, 2019
  • The St.Amant Leisure Guide offers leisure and recreation opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism who are supported by St.Amant.

    We’re currently accepting proposals from those who have a skill to share and wish to facilitate a proposed activity OR for individuals to deliver suggested activities that participants have asked for.

    Apply online by Tuesday, November 19!

    View the fall Leisure Guide catalogue as a reference for the type of activities offered.

  • Counselling Services available for People, Families Receiving St.Amant Services

  • September 30, 2019
  • St.Amant will again host a student counselling practicum through a partnership with the University of Winnipeg’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program and the Aurora Family Therapy Centre. Two counselling students will provide a total of 240 hours of counselling services under appropriate supervision.

    Sessions may be available during the day as well as in the evenings and on weekends. Services will take place at St.Amant, and will be free of charge. The counselling program will run through Social Work Services, and will be offered from fall 2019 to spring 2020.

    This service will support any person, couple, or family currently receiving or waiting for services from St.Amant, or that has received services from St.Amant within approximately the last six months. Services are not available to St.Amant staff.

    If you wish to attend counselling, please complete the Counselling Services Referral Form and provide it to St.Amant’s Central Intake. The counselling students will be available to provide service as soon as their placement begins. The attached brochure contains additional information about the service.

    If you have any questions or concerns surrounding the above information, please contact Central Intake at  204-258-7041 or intake@stamant.ca.

    What is it?

    Therapy is an invitation to understand oneself better, heal past harms, and create bonds. It is an opportunity to work through the challenges of life.

    Individuals, couples, or families who have been touched by developmental disabilities or autism can struggle with barriers to resolving these challenges.

    They can be faced with additional stressors that can make it seem impossible to break free of their problems.

    Who is eligible?

    Counselling Services is a program of support for any person, couple, or family currently receiving or waiting for services from St.Amant, or having received services from St.Amant within the last six months.

    Unfortunately, services are not available to St.Amant staff.

    The Counselling service is provided independently from other services offered by St.Amant and does not affect these services in any way.

    Confidentiality and privacy are assured and any information shared with the therapist is not shared with other St.Amant programs or services.

    A Practicum Therapist will work with clients on setting goals and seeking solutions through a systemic, evidence based, therapeutic process.

    Where do services take place?

    Counselling services occur at St.Amant’s head office at 440 River Road in St. Vital. The building is accessible via Winnipeg Transit.

    How long are sessions?

    Counselling sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length for individuals, 80 minutes for couples and up to 2 hours for families (depending upon size). Counselling will vary between 3 – 10 sessions.

    People seek out St.Amant Counselling Services for:

    • Exploring the diagnosis
    • Grief work
    • Couple issues
    • Processing change in family dynamics and structure
    • Transitions and life change stress
    • Relationship conflict or breakdown
    • Parenting concerns
    • Communication problems
    • Parenting through divorce
    • Sibling concerns
    • Attachment repair
    • Stress management
    • Gender/Sexual Identity Exploration
    • Financial and/or employment issues
    • Functioning in the community
    • Violence/abuse
    • Other issues that affect relationships or quality of life

    These counselling services are offered through a partnership between St.Amant, the Master’s of Marriage & Family Therapy Program at the University of Winnipeg, and Aurora Family Therapy Centre.

    The counsellors are graduate students in the Master’s Degree program in Marriage & Family Therapy and have extensive experience working with individuals, couples and families who are working through a variety of struggles and challenges.

  • Meet Shirley Labossière, Acting President & CEO

  • August 16, 2019
  • Shirley Labossière knows it’s the culture at St.Amant that brings back former employees who left to develop new skills; she herself once worked in 1-East supporting people. Fifteen years ago, after years of experience in healthcare and finance, Shirley returned to St.Amant to become vice president. She has guided St.Amant’s major organizational changes and growth and continues to do so almost two months into her role as Acting President & CEO.

    “Acting President and CEO, was totally unexpected, it’s not something that I was striving to do. I think this is a really exciting opportunity for me and I’m looking forward to working with my team and working with the board, and trying something for a year while John (Leggat) is seconded to work for the Department of Families,” said Shirley.

    St.Amant will continue to be guided by their strategic plan and annual objectives that are set every year. The focus will continue to be on advocating for the people that St.Amant supports and meeting unmet needs in the community.

    “John and I always had the same ultimate goals and intentions, so I think it’s not going to feel a whole lot different than it would have if John had still been here.”

    Collaboration has been key for St.Amant’s success over the past sixty years and that will continue on with Shirley in this new role. St.Amant has always appreciated feedback from the people we support, their families, and from our staff. The strong partnerships St.Amant has with their funders allows them to do the good work that they do.

    “I’m very proud of the mindful approach that we have been using, and the fact that we use both a person-centered and a family-centered approach here. When I hear personal stories about families and the impact that we’ve made in their lives in any and all of our programs, whether it’s an email or it’s a family that shares their story, I think that’s what’s really meaningful.”

    When she’s not guiding St.Amant’s major projects, she’s spending time with her four dogs or training for her next marathon. Shirley has spent a lot of time fostering and adopting dogs since her children moved out. She has also run 29 full marathons and has plans for a thirtieth in the not too distant future. Running is a big part of what makes her happy and she finds it meditative.

    “I also really appreciate being out in nature, whether it’s camping or just going for a walk in the park, just, I’m having that mindful moment.”