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  • St.Amant Fall Leisure Guide registration opens August 18

  • August 9, 2017

    The St.Amant Leisure Guide offers leisure and recreation opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism who are supported by St.Amant or on our waitlist. Fall sessions run from September 10 to November 18 and will offer a variety of activities for all ages and abilities, both on-site and in external community settings. Online registration opens Friday, August 18 at 9am and ends on Wednesday, August 30 at 4pm.

    Previous sessions were a great success and proved to be a place to make new friends and try new things. The Leisure Guide is funded by St.Amant Foundation and received support from Goodlife Kids Foundation but wouldn’t be possible without generous donors. If you would like to help people with developmental disabilities and autism get out, get active and make new connections, you can make a designated donation at stamant.ca/donate.

    Questions? Contact Shawna Coulthard at leisureguide@stamant.ca or 204-256-4301 ext. 3368.

  • St.Amant represented at Torch of Dignity Relay

  • August 8, 2017
  • 20170807_085904

    On Monday, August 7, Manitobans for Human Rights held the Torch of Dignity Relay. Cities around the world held relays to spread the message of human rights and human dignity. This year’s relay was in the historic Kildonan Park and proceeded down Main St. to the Oodena Celebration Circle at the historic Forks site.

    Dustin, who is supported in Community Services, participated in the relay representing St.Amant and was excited to carry the torch for 200 M. St.Amant was one of over 50 organizations invited to participate.

    Manitobans for Human Rights is a non-profit, non-partisan association that has two goals in mind. The first is to promote Human Rights learning throughout the Province of Manitoba, to many different sectors of society. The second is to work towards the goal of having Winnipeg designated as a Human Rights City, to the gradual development of a community based on equality and non-discrimination.

  • Online survey: Quality of life of children with autism

  • QoL Study picture

    The University of New Brunswick is conducting a study examining the well-being of school-aged children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We invite you to participate in this study.

    If you choose to participate, you will complete an online questionnaire. The survey takes most people approximately 20 minutes to complete all of the questions. You will be asked to complete demographic questions and questions about the child’s autism symptoms, behaviours, functional skills, task persistence, parent’s mental well-being, sibling type, school type, reciprocal friendships, and participation in activities.

    You may choose to enter into a draw for one of five chances to win $20.00 USD . Your answers will provide important information for helping professionals to better understand the quality of life of children with ASD.

    This study will not collect any personal information such as your name or address. All information will be kept strictly confidential. The data are stored on a secure server on the University of New Brunswick website. The server is protected by a firewall. Data will be stored on password-protected computers that only the researchers have access to.

    Participation is completely voluntary.You may choose not to answer a specific item and continue with the questionnaires. You may also choose not to continue the study for any reason at any time by closing your browser. Your data can only be used by the researchers after you click the submit button at the end of the survey.

    If you have questions at any time, please contact Mandy Fulton at t533z@unb.ca, or Dr. D’Entremont at bdentrem@unb.ca

    This project is on file with the Research Ethics Board at the University of New Brunswick (REB#2016-125). If you have questions or concerns about your rights or treatment as a participant please contact the Chair of the UNB Department of Psychology Ethics Board at rhamilto@unb.ca.

  • Gary and Allen’s Road Trip

  • August 2, 2017
  • 20476501_10155380695031346_513774544791661662_n

    Meet Gary and Allen.

    Gary and Allen have been supported through St.Amant for over 25 years. Both men have a zest for adventure, love people and a lot of action! For their whole lives their families and the staff at St.Amant have been finding new local, budget-friendly adventures to fuel their spirit….but this year, the guys are going on a road trip!

    Meet Robin and Michelle.

    Robin and Michelle have worked for St.Amant for 15+ years, and they know Gary and Allen really well. They have seen the joy that interesting experiences bring for these guys and have been planning for over a year for a once in a lifetime adventure! They advocated for Gary and Allen to go on a road trip this summer and with the support from their families, the St.Amant Foundation and Frontier Toyota, the foursome is off to create lasting and meaningful memories.

    Follow along as we share their vacation with you!

    Highway 1

    Our travellers are on the road, playing games in the van, tasting new food at every stop & taking photos with landmarks. Next stop ….mountains!! Thanks to Frontier Toyota for the comfy ride.






    The first destination on Gary & Allen’s road trip is Drumheller! Our travelers headed to the Royal Tyrrell Museum to see countless dinosaur fossils and even went to a fossil making class. Aylee, one of the instructors, was very helpful. After exploring the museum, everyone enjoyed dinner and relaxed back at the hotel, resting up as the vacation has just begun!





     Banff & Athabasca River

    Banff is the next stop on Gary & Allen’s road trip! In the morning everyone walked around the town, tried a tasty BeaverTail pastry and watched all the hustle and bustle. Then in the afternoon, everyone went on a raft tour on the Athabasca River.

    Gary & Allen were eager to get into the raft and had a fantastic time! The tour was mainly calm but when the raft hit some bumpy water they both had the biggest smiles on. More to follow this weekend!

    20248290_10155387313476346_9012883815654311130_o 20526116_10155386691091346_1552273278719299638_n 20597067_10155386691646346_3648878049433398789_n 20597442_10155386692631346_6436429250316340117_n 20604255_10155387518316346_7605981709494426247_n 20604411_10155386690391346_4574419157133965047_n 20638645_10155387320196346_6886912549144578212_n

    Columbia Icefields

    The Columbia Icefields is the next stop for Gary, Allen, Michelle & Robin. Even in August, they were a little chilly exploring the Athabasca Glacier. Later they all conquered any fear of heights they may have had and walked on the glass floor at the Glacier Skywalk! It was worth every step for the majestic views. Their adventure continues in Banff!

    20596959_10155387321101346_5177962452307191337_n 20597235_10155387321471346_2777095740390536651_n 20604265_10155387321186346_2301770281086700265_n 20604505_10155387321056346_7006150695774280875_n 20621789_10155387321391346_4070846206535279279_n 20637975_10155387321171346_7147789412271377573_n



    This weekend Gary & Allen went back to Banff to finish off their glacier tour adventures. They had quite the experience as they rode a gondola and saw breathtaking views. Then they made their way over to Lake Minnewanka for a boat cruise. Next stop, Calgary!

    20170804_141727_HDR 20170804_141915_HDR 20170804_142029_HDR 20170804_143757_HDR

    20643561_10155397603196346_7741157749418866236_o20170804_160135_HDR 20170804_180850_HDR



    Calgary Zoo

    Before heading back to Manitoba, Gary & Allen visited the Calgary Zoo. There were a few animals they had never seen before, such as gorillas, giraffes, penguins, and lemurs. The hippopotamuses were everyone’s favourite to see up close. It was a beautiful, fun day but after leaving the zoo, everyone was ready for some rest and relaxation.

    20170806_132436_HDR 20645451_10155400195511346_1220246230419181575_o

  • New Menu Prices For St.Amant Café

  • July 20, 2017
  • We’re very pleased to hear that as a result of the reduced menu that has been implemented, line ups are moving more quickly. We’ve also heard that staff and families are enjoying some of the new entrees, the ice cream and the pizzas being offered. We look forward to hearing more from you about your experience with the changes.

    In our continued efforts to reduce expenses and ensure that St.Amant is operating as efficiently as possible, we have continued to review our Café operations. Unfortunately, the reality is that we need to increase prices to remain viable. New pricing will be launched on Tuesday, August 1st that is reflective of increasing food costs. Our intention is to continue to offer delicious quality food at a reasonable price.

    Thanks again for your understanding and support as we work through this transition.