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Practices and Principles

In order to achieve the ideals of our learning community, the school abides by the following principles and practices:

Good Working Relationships: People treat one another with dignity and respect.

High Expectations of Self and Others: Successes are acknowledged and improvements are celebrated, supported and shared.

Innovation and Risk-Taking: New ideas abound and invention occurs.

Knowledge Based Decisions: Current research in the “best practices” for special education is accessible and implemented in a useable form.

Shared Decision-Making: Anyone affected by a decision should be involved in making it and implementing it.

Protection of What is Important: Keeping the vision and purpose in mind allows participants to stay focused and to avoid trivial tasks.

Celebration of Traditions: Cultural based rituals and activities enhance community life.

Humor: Smiles and laughter are a daily occurrence.

Continuous Improvement: Through data collection and the analysis of this data, we can plan for a better future by improving our practices in school, home and community.